Ian –

Victim Location 45750

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted this number from a google search for Apple tech support to try to retrieve pictures I had lost on an Iphone. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Eric Williams who informed me he could retrieve my photos from the main Icloud server if I could provide him with a $50 ebay card from the Electronics department, which Apple would refund the money for. My husband went the next day and purchased said card and called them. He was then told that Eric had said we needed a set of $50 cards. My husband then purchased and sent the other $50 card to them. After that Mr. Williams said he would install the software and then we would need another $100 to send the pictures to me. At this point I definitely feel as though I am getting the run around and ask to have my money refunded instead of continuing the process. He then becomes very rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. He is continually refusing to refund my money until I send another $100 which I will not do. I have since contacted the true Apple support and learned that because my photos were not uploaded to my Icloud account there is no way to retrieve these photos anyway. I was scammed by this gentleman and want nothing more than my $100 back. The only information I can find is the man’s name, Eric Williams, and the phone number, 707-668-9007. Please advise or help me with this issue. He also said he was on a recorded line and on a recorded line with the Better Business Bureau.

Rebekah –

Victim Location 29853

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

For the last ninety days or more daily, some times twice I get telephone calls from different states from persons who know I have a 2015 Kia Soul telling me that a warranty on my car is set to expire. I have asked them not to telephone me. I have threatened to call the Attorney General. I am a disabled Veteran, a senior citizen and I have a elder uncle who is being admitted to a nursing home. I am recently employed and I can’t answer these numerous telephone calls from different states with different people who are telling me that a warranty on a car that has bumber to bumper service for the next 8 years has expired.

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