Volt Power Group Limited

Stephen –

Victim Location 93033

Type of a scam Employment

This scammer posed as an employment opportunity. They have a website, a linked in, fake “partner” websites, etc. You go through an interview process and they send you an job offer letter, code of conduct, handbook, etc, through email and tell you that you don’t have to send any personal information online and you can bring your W4 to in-person training. They then send you a check in the mail for equipment to work from home. The check looks legit and you deposit it and your bank clears it to get your money to you as soon as possible, and once the funds are available this “company” wants you to go to Walmart and get a money order for the “Vender” of all the equipment and send it in next day shipping. Obviously, do not do this. I gave them an excuse as to why they would have to wait another day and I called the bank on the check they sent me. There were many important things missing on the check and the account number did not exist. The check was discovered to be fake and taken out of my account the next day. Do not fall for these low life’s.

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