Vortex Solutions

Keith –

Victim Location 91107

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

when looking for information on the apple web, i was diverted to Vortex Solutions web site. I thought I was talking to Apple.

They informed me of a possible virus on my computer and offered to remove it with their app

and protect my computer in thr future for $200.00

a week or so later they sent a E Mail saying that the software they sold me had a conflict with my computer. i needed to call them. They offered a refund but i needed to allow them access to my computer.

I told them to just send me a check in the mail. They said the only way to recieve the refund was on line with them accesing my computer.

I refused and they hung up the phone. No chance of a refund . sounds like a scame to me.

older but wiser..

Kayla –

Victim Location 11742

Total money lost $9,600

Type of a scam Tech Support

7/10/2019_My computer flashed a red window and made alert sounds. It locked my computer and I was unable to remove the alert. Within the red alert was a phone number to call. I called they claimed it had to do with my windows software. They directed me to hit the “windows key and r” to get access to my computer. They instructed me to follow their direction. Once they were in they started to fix the problem and they had to charge me for the software and the tech support 399.99. Company name they used was Vortex Solutions located in Schaumburg Illinois. I genuinely thought they were genuine after several questions I directed to them. I provided my master card account number to charge the amount. They would not fix anything till the payment cleared.

7/23/92019_I received an alarming call their company was going out of business and they wanted to return my 399.99. My statement to them why can’t you just reimburse it back to my credit card. Their statement was they could not due to problems with their banks in the United State.

They instructed me what I had to do thru my computer for me to get my money. I should have been more vigilant.

I gave them access to my computer again and they directed me to connect to my bank while they connected to a TD bank in Illinois. They instructed me to type the amount from this bank the amount they owed me. First they stated just type 100.00 dollars to make sure it worked. The 100.00 inadvertently turned into 10,000.00. They became irate with me telling I had to return that money. I screamed back and told them I did not need that money. This is where my nightmare started. If I did not return the money they could loose their job. It was 3:00 in the afternoon.

They provided me with an address bank account number routing number and that I had to get my bank to wire 9,600.00 back to them. This was to be the balance from the 399.99..

The bank could not send the wire that day but would send the next morning 7/23/2919..they would not stop calling and harassing me. They wanted to call that evening at 6:00PM and I gave them hell.

7/24/2019_I had an 8:00AM doctors appointment. They reached out right away. Once the wire cleared. They persisted in working on my computer. As I watch and cursing at them and asking questions why were they in my bank accounts. Their explanation was they were trying to disconnect from my account and that it would take a bit of time. I became frustrated…in the background I could hear the same scenario that occurred with me on other individuals. I stated “it seems you have the same problem with other people based on the conversations in the background”. Their explanation was they many customers to return money too. Then the next one is really good. They supposedly made a mistake in returning someone else’s money they put into my account total of 15,000.00 dollars. And of course the next action was that I needed to go back to the bank and send a wire for 14,600. They would let me keep the 400.00 for inconveniencing me. That’s when I got really irate and used words I can’t repeat here. I waited for them to provide or let’s say printout where they wanted the money sent. Once I got that I shut the computer off. They stared to yell at me to turn the computer back on.

I went to the bank and had them change al the account numbers passwords new debit cards.

It turns out they were moving my money from my savings into my checking account making it look like they transferred it from their account. I have the addresses, phone numbers and names.

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