VSN Vehicle Deliveries

Phillip –

Victim Location 27886

Total money lost $9,550

Type of a scam Online Purchase

http://www.use.com/OhiH7 is the site along with: http:sd,readto15trailerconession.com where the photos of a concession food trailer was up for sale. Also have another food truck posted for sale at: http://mobile.foodtruck007.com The Seller will email You back and forth then will set You up with the Above mentioned Shipping/Transport Company to WIre Transfer funds to. They will in turn give You wire transfer information to send to a Bank Account. They will send You copy of invoice along with a Order#. The website is a Fraud and is not LEGIT!!! They will communicate through emails and phone calls up until YOU WIRE THE FUNDS and You WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE FROM THEM!!!! Everything LOOKS LEGIT when You are looking into it and speaking directly with the people but its ALL A FRAUD!!!! Tyhe Seller who is your intial contact will tell you "her husband died, she’s in the Army and that’s why its a FAST SALE!!! and "That the Shipping Company is 100% Insured and Protection is Guaranteed for BOTH BUYER & SELLER, that YOUR FUNDS stayed in a SECURED ESCROW ACCOUNT with the Shipper UNTIL YOU receive the GOODS!!!

Ruben –

Victim Location 67147

Total money lost $13,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted Seller "Barbara Trevor" about purchasing a Bobcat skidsteer for $13,500. Emailed back and forth with the seller, she said it was her husbands, who passed away, and she had relocated to Eugene, OR with her daughter to start a new job with the military. She said she had passed information to VSN Vehicle Deliveries and that I would wire transfer the money to them from my bank. Once the vehicle was delivered then they would provide me with a bill of sale, the title, and keys to the skid steer and the funds would be released to the seller. The contact for VSN deliveres was Michael Perez and would talk with me on the phone and provided a tracking number on the website. He kept saying it was in transit but when asked for the drivers phone number he would hang up and wouldn’t answer the phone calls anymore. The vehicle never arrived. I reverse looked up the phone number for VSN and it came up as a Traci L Hansen in Covington, GA. I searched all the addresses given and they were either apartment buildings, a different business entirely or a house. I called bobcat to see if the serial number was stolen, and we were told it is not.

Danny –

Victim Location 78574

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We are trying to purchase a machine we found online they only had an email so we reached out to them and they messaged us back she said she would only work with this company asked for info to send to them so then they can contact us The VNS company contacted us and requested only a bank wire transfer could not give us any security. Anytime time we’d call they be in a rush to hang up and would not want to work with us just forcedly wanted a wire transfer in full.

Dana –

Victim Location 95066

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer is a woman selling an excavator for way under value. She says husband recently died and she had just moved to Eugene, OR. The item she said was being held by a third party, VSN vehicle deliveries. Their website is very professional but the address is to another business, a commercial farm. They do not have their DOT motor carrier number posted. I did some research and believe they are a big time scam!

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