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Steven –

Exact same situation happened to me John Ross is a fake name. Wish I had known sooner I would have kept all their damn packages. Just in case someone gets that far to the point their sending you packages best advice I can give is keep every single package you possibly can because in the end you will be scammed and all your personal information will be a free for all. I have had multiple and by that I mean to many to count PayPal credit cards opened from my home address as well my name in some cases for credit cards. Picture look familiar? Maybe a fake too!

Lydia –

I had the same exact experience. I messaged my “Manager” and was told my $2500 payment would be processed September 19th, I never received it. Messaged him again September 26, he said he would double check on it and I’ve heard nothing since, my login has since been disabled.

Maurice –

Victim Location 40701

Type of a scam Employment

On June 11, 2019 I was contacted by Donna C Redwine through email (her email address: [email protected]) She stated that she had came across my email through a recruiting agency and wanted to offer me a position. "Quality Inspector. The base pay rate is $2500 per month + bonuses.Location: United States (Any State) Work type: half-time up to ten work hours weekly." I replied back to her, very skeptical, asking for more information about the position and the company. No contact until June 18, 2019. On that day I was contacted by Michael Allen via email (his email address: [email protected]) He went into detail about the position and even attached a job description to the email. I did some research, obviously not very well, I looked up the website and the address of the company it all seemed legit. So that day I accepted the Quality Inspector position. I submitted an application and Michael stated that the company would be in contact with me in 24-48 hours. I received a phone call within that time frame from Michael Allen. He had a very thick Indian accent making it a little hard for me to understand. But it all still seemed very legit. He explained the position to me, that I would be receiving packages via UPS, FedEx, USPS. They use a website where you receive your task. You then accept the task. It is then delivered to you. Then you take a picture of the package, a picture of the label, and a picture of the contents of package and upload them to the website, here is the website used for uploading: http://vtx-market.com/user/ . Once pictures were uploaded. They were to be approved by somebody which then they would upload a prepaid label for me to place on package and mail the package out. If I had any questions about packages or labels I spoke to a John Ross via messaging system through the app used to upload and receive documents. I received my 1st package on July 5, 2019. Still very skeptical and wondering if I would really get paid. But everything I found seemed legit. I was promised $20 per package sent, paid weekly, during the first 30 day of my trial period. Once my trial period was over I would then begin receiving $2500 a mth. Plus an additional $15 for every package sent within 24 hours of the label being uploaded. Everything went great until my 30 day trial period was over. I was paid weekly just as they said I would be. But as of August 16th. All payments stopped. They were still sending me packages to process and was told my next payday would be September 12th. That did not happen. I processed 55 packages between 8/15 and 9/10.

Kristin –

That’s happened to me same as you.

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