Vyoma Travels Inc.

Valerie –

Victim Location 01301

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I had to book a last minute work flight and found a decent price through Skippedlagged.com. One of the flights lead me to travelmerry.com to book the outgoing flight for $160 USD. I booked this flight because it was a direct flight, it was the least expensive, and it was close to where I live. 3 hours later I have 2 missed calls and an email from TravelMerry.com. I called them back to find out that my flight was no longer available at the price I originally paid and now I would have to pay at least $350 for the same flight. Their workers have such a thick accent that you cannot understand a single thing they say and there is never a supervisor or manager available when you talk to them. They tell you to call back in 15 minutes and then tell you the same thing. I told them cancel everything and hung up and then I did a quick google search and found out they are a horrible company. They pull this and other scams on people everyday. They need to be put out of business. Do not use TravelMerry.com for any bookings or they will try to rip you off.

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