is a web site which seems incredibly suspect. A great many of guests will most certainly be wondering if Worldpressit reviews are in fact genuine and/or if the web-site should be respected.
On the exterior the online site appears pretty legitimate; never the less, looks are remarkably deceiving. Inorder to judge whether is a con or legitimate homepage we were required to carefully investigate the online site.

Beneath are the simple steps we exploited to discover if reviews are genuine and if Worldpressit should be believed or not.

We’ll supply all the truth to you, then enable you to be the best judge to ascertain if is a scam or legit.(Upon reading our analysis, you are going to determine that the answer is fairly apparent)

The one element which we were not able to search out on, are buried webpages. It’s typical for dishonest web pages to set up webpages that are unable to be located by utilizing the website’s search function nor by using Yahoo, Google, or Bing search engine.
If you were able to identify a secret page on this web site (most likely this is a page which sounds too good to be true) please be sure to comment the web page link below.

Additionally, please tell other potential buyers about the website, by writing your opinions below. Did you almost get duped or were you fooled because this advice is too late?
On the flip side, do you believe this is a trustworthy site? Your feedback can make a difference, please post at the bottom of this page so that other users avert making similar mistakes.

Website Age is precisely 1 month, and 25 days old! This domain was only set up on Nov 3rd, 2020.
The proprietor of this particular web page url – – is purported to be Private.
DNS Records prove the website is being published using: in addition to

Cyber Security

This online site does not appear to have been listed by any one of the below services to contain or conduct viruses. This point alone isn’t going to imply is safe; rather only that malware reports haven’t been found yet.

Engine Result Details
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SSL Certificate

This internet site employs an HTTPS certificate.
This means if users send personal data to this webpage there is a decreased chance that it could be stolen by a third party considering all traffic is going to be encrypted. This is significant for a web site to have; but, doesn’t mean on its own that the website is legitimate.


This web page was in recent times scored as # 1,056,407 in
This listing implies how well-known is. The lower the rating, the more well known is understood to be.
A listing exceeding 1,000,000 signals a website which is not popular.
Worldpressit has such a small quantity of monthly potential buyers that the world wide web traffic monitor finds it difficult to even offer a suitable rank.

4 thoughts on “”

  1. I have used the site on several projects and have had no issues. They have the best support compared to most template developers.

  2. The guy behind this service is unprofessional and an illegal extortionist that threatens you with legal action for requesting a legal refund from PayPal or your bank (since he refuses to do it despite his illegal activity).

    First, the offerings they have are illegal resales of other products. Instead of promoting them as an affiliate, they crack the files and upload them and require a “license” purchase to access them. This is illegal resale. For example, he claims you can get Elementor for $7.99 or “upgrade” to a lifetime membership to get lifetime access to this plugin, free, for $11.99.

    Elementor does not allow you to get their plugin for free after a one-time fee.

    To verify my suspicion, I contacted the retailer of one of his latest illegal resales (Elementor). Elementor’s official support advised this is an illegal reseller, and anyone who uses their product is in violation of their terms and service. They then told me they’d forward my report to their legal department.

    Now, let me detail my personal experience with this dude. When you ask about the validity of his product (in the shoes of an unsuspecting individual who thinks this is a legit and legal offer), this guy hits you back with being DMCA-certified and within terms of the WorldPress terms of service. It was like an automated response that didn’t address all my concerns, as if he prepared for kickback on his bad practice.

    When you inquire about a potential refund, he’s unprofessional and states “we obviously can’t refund it.”

    When you ask for support, he denies accountability that it’s his cracked product and will ignore future requests for help. He lies about when his product will be updated, and always says “today or tomorrow” and you won’t see the update for weeks.

    When you request a refund through PayPal or your bank, who have legal specialists that investigate claims, you get it. I got mine from PayPal immediately after providing all the evidence needed if that gives you any idea (PayPal can deny claims based on lack of evidence and bad practice). But boy, he was sure quick to respond to that request. I think I got an email not 10 minutes later from him, the same email that I requested my last support on that he ignored.

    When you ask him to delete all your information from the system, he said, “Your information was already fully deleted. For clarification and your ‘peace of mind’ (We never had a customer such as yourself in 3 years)…” and proceeded to lay out all his legal loopholes to make his business seem legit. And that I’d next hear from his legal office (how is that if you’ve deleted all of my information as you’re legally required to by law?). I would have to assume his illegal activity breeds scam and phishing attempts, but I can’t verify those two claims.

    Now, if you doubt my review based on all the other positive reviews from people who did purchase his illegal resales (and no doubt benefited from the “decreased” price), just look at the way he responds to most reviews. Unprofessional. Threatens legal action for defamation and slander. Repeat vomits his legal compliances (I’m going to have a chat with them as well). What good business threatens legal action against their clients for sharing an honest experience? Think about that.

    I’d steer clear of any company that illegal sells other retailer’s products and makes a profit of their own and makes claims about being the first to get updates (and says they’ll upload them in a day or two and gives other generic responses when you ask for help since they’re not official company support). Especially unprofessional individuals who threaten people with lawsuits for sharing honest experiences.

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