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US Government Education Department

Katie – Victim Location 63090 Type of a scam Government Grant Michael (foreign accent) told me I was randomly eligible for a $25000 government grant.

US Department of Education

Dennis – Victim Location 44120 Type of a scam Government Grant I am receiving many calls on my cell phone from multiple phone numbers. The callers all have accents. Male and female.I have to say hello three times until they speak. Caller states they are with the US Department of Education. My name and number …

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Liquid Education

Nancy – Victim Location 23060 Type of a scam Phishing Received a call from (804)250-1515, the caller stated that he was with "Liquid Educators" and that he had seen that I was on an employment website that they are associated with. He asked me if I could hear him OK. Not knowing, I said "yes" …

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Tyler – Victim Location 80915 Total money lost $1,000 Type of a scam Employment Our granddaughter asked us to co-sign $16, 500 up front plus another $52,500 during next training period (1 Year). We are on social security and find Legacy Education is not approved by the BBB. We can’t help her but at this …



Randi – Jul 08, 2020 I never got the Pack and Play – they sent a fake delivery notice to Paypal when I disputed it with Paypal. Despite all the documentation I sent to Paypal they still denied giving my money back. The website is bogus, the email is bogus and the tracking is too. …

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Global Education Community

Luke – Apr 14, 2020 Type of a scam Employment I was sent an email outlining a position as an "Administrative Assistant" for Global Education Community (details attached) The position started at $25/hr and then went to $30/hr after 30 days of probation. I was a little skeptical about the pay but I thought I …

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Education Minnesota and NEA

Amy – Victim Location 55387 Type of a scam Phishing The caller said hello and identified himself as Arnold (I think) and said he was with the Education Minnesota union and because I was a member of both that union and the NEA (he called me by first name) they wanted to better serve us …

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Education Grant

Drew – Victim Location 14471 Type of a scam Scholarship Caller offered free money for a education grant, with no strings attached and claims that you don’t have to enroll in any school. They tell you exactly what they want you to say to the person who asks you information on what kind of education …

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Education Center

Kristine – Victim Location 98501 Type of a scam Charity Caller said she was from some education center? Asked how my day was going, I hesitantly said "ok" and call ended. I called the number back but got recording saying my call could not be completed at this time

education direct

Jared – Victim Location 03750 Type of a scam Phishing male operator said something in reference to employment, said can you hear me, I said yes (without thinking) then he stated he was with education direct, I hung up then

Educational referral

Adam – Victim Location 29376 Type of a scam Scholarship I’m not sure if you can help with this matter but I received 6 unsolicited calls on 1/24/17 from a business clamming to be some type of educational referral. After I blocked the first number (864-932-4449) they called backed 2 more times from a different …

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Education Services

Amber – Victim Location 30019 Type of a scam Phishing I answered the phone, there was a brief pause. They new my first and last name and asked if that was my last name. I accidentally said "yes" before I realized I probably should have just hung up. They said they were trying to help …

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Education Resource Network

Matthew – Victim Location 15342 Type of a scam Government Grant "Education Resource Network" called consumer stating she has been selected to receive "Free Money" to go to school.  They asked her for her D.O.B., email address etc. She was transferred twice from original phone # 675-286-2511. The last person she spoke with asked if …

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Education assistance/ employment assistance

Felicia – Victim Location 97306 Type of a scam Employment A recording of a woman’s voice first asks if you can hear her, then proceeds to explain its for education and employment assistance. I hung up as she stated she needed at ask a few questions.