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  • Easycosmetic | 1 Review | 2.0 Rating
    Wer ist hier eigentlich der verantwortliche Vertragspartner?
  • TodaysSale | 2 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Huge selection of every type of Hot Wheels on the planet and great prices. If you are looking to add to your collection this is the “Superstore” of Hot Wheels.
  • The Childrens Place | 5 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Very positive experience. All perfect, the order arrived on time. I will definitely order more necessary goods for my children.
  • WR Hardware | 164 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    If I could give negative star, I would. This is by far the worse company I have ever dealt with and I’m sure they will use this pandemic as an excuse. I was searching for toilet paper online and this company stated in their website that they have it in stock. I placed and order …
  • Back To The Roots | 3 Reviews | 3.0 Rating
    I followed the instructions and nothing ever sprouted! When I opened the first seed packet, the seeds were moldy and I contacted the company. They sent me a replacement pack. Not one of the 3 herb cans worked…not even one sprout, let alone herbs. I have been growing herbs for years but this product is …
  • NordicTrack | 16 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    Our members love the bike ….. but the seat “adjuster” was cross-threaded by the white gloved installation team. We reported the problem….it has been 3 weeks now and no replacement….and NO DATE for receiving it!!!!! so the bike is almost useless because the seat slide forward and backwards freely.
  • Plumbers Stock | 554 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    We started from ToTo webite and jumped to the several online venders. Nice quick link and no confusion.
  • BeddingSuperstore.com | 37 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    My first review was just posted about 20 minutes ago. The BeddingSuperstore saw this review and called me immediately. The representative stated that they did not receive my email asking for the refund. This shows up in my sent emails but I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this as I know …
  • Uk.edubirdie | 19 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Nursing tasks can get crazy & you know the feeling if you are like me – practice is well, yet writing is going nuts. Anyway, I tried this website and got help with custom journal writing about ER department work.d I only had to share some of my thoughts & my writer got it fixed …
  • Möbel Höffner | 3 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    If you think I’ve made my mind based on one bad experience, just read through:
  • Bestek | 4 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    I was deeply impressed by this little powerful power strip after using it for a couple of weeks. Happy to share my experience with you guys here.
  • Jos A Bank | 36 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    I got two pairs of wool pants. I’ve had them for a year, and they are wearing well. However, do not take the permanent crease option. Since they are wool, I take them to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaners have problems lining up the creases when they press the pants. So you end up …
  • Oasis China Visa Services | 12 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    As ever, excellent communication, swift delivery and lovely clothes.
  • The Wool Company | 478 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    My order was processed quickly, and delivered promptly – especially under the lockdown circumstances.
  • Peerspace | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    super nice products, must try and see results. I myself very much hessistant when it’s offered to a friend. I am now a regular customer and was given a big discount
  • Vivaldi | 9 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Vivaldi browser
  • VakantieVeilingen – Nederland | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    Leuke site,voor een goedkoop weekendje weg
  • TRUEFACET | 17 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I placed an order March 2nd and needed it to arrive by March 14th. I called March 6th and 10th and got PHONE CALL CONFIRMATION the order would be delivered by the 14th. I called today, March 13th and they have told me they will not have the watch and …
  • Spigo | 1 Review | 3.0 Rating
    A great site with good games, although the jackpots are hard to win and the spigo shop could do with upgrading its items. Ok if you enjoy gaming and are not worried about winning or paying the fee and not winning.
  • InstaLinen | 133 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    I’ve ordered before from InstaLinen and always was very pleased with the quality and the speed in which orders come and the way you always reach out to let me know every step of the way.
  • MegaPath | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    Awesome ISP!!!!
  • CozyCatFurniture | 2 Reviews | 3.0 Rating
    When I ordered my cat gym I asked if a hammock could be included. I received a prompt yes and was told when the item would ship. On the day it was to be shipped I received another e-mail letting me know the package had left and when I should receive it. The package was …
  • Administr8 | 2 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    I don’t normally advocate choosing any company based on online reviews alone, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you go with these people.
  • My.direct | 33 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    I recently spoke with a rude customer service representative who could not explain why on my renewal that I will be charged two months premium in March than I will have a bill in April for my monthly charge.. Saying that they sent a renewal notice back in January that I should have contacted them …
  • Fire Alarm Parts | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    I ordered a heat detector in black for my kitchen for building regs but it didn’t have a base so they told me where to find one. Then I decided black would not be suitable and needed a mains wired heat detector. They accepted the device after the 14 day deadline and refunded me in …
  • The Collector Store | 9 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    I received my order of YuGiOh boxes today and couldn’t be more pleased! Items were factory sealed as promised and were shipped immediately! Thank you!
  • Lematelas.fr | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    Very sure
  • Brookstone | 31 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    I have bought items from brookstone, over the last couple years, they sold me extended warranty for two years, on all items, as I tried to use the warranty, the item would always be out of stock, then I waited 3 or 4 months, to be told they no longer stock the item and wont …
  • DMCHotels | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    Harwant Dhillon is one person you can look upto if you want to join the hotel industry in the hospitality sector.He has been associated with the Dhillon Management since its inception and he has actually helped to company to reach great heights.
  • K&L Wines | 5 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    We usually buy wines and champagne. We have always had excellent service, selection and pricing. Delivery is always quick.
  • OptionsHouse | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
    I’ve had a brokerage account with OptionsHouse.com for a few years.
  • Certified Laboratories | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
    It’s hard to get a hold of someone to talk to about your complaints to them. When I finally got to talk to someone, he transferred me from one department to another. What a terrible experience. If only I can directly go to their office to raise my issue, I would have done it just …
  • Made-in-China.com | 21 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    i order a pair of boots with silver metal on it. seller send me a pair of boots with gold metal on it. i contact Aliexpress seller misalwa factory store they both not respond and they both team up to cheat customer. they are not give me refund.
  • MrAppliance | 2 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Chad helped me on Monday and I will use Mr. Appliance more often – easy to book, very professional and skilled Techs ! We did the much needed dryer vent clean out the consulted on future home/appliance service – Orange County, CA
  • IPrint 3D | 279 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Good price and good product. Shippped right away too.
  • RingMD | 3 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    The doctor was quick,but he was a bit too quick. I had more questions and became flustered at him rushing my concerns during the appointment. I was on the pone for only 60 seconds with the physician, no real greeting or assessment. I think this app is ok if you don’t have a serious illness.
  • Quantcast.com | 24 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Good website with good info. very well built for navigating
  • Pmi.com | 4 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Expelled from the Global Compact:
  • ONLYOFFICE | 16 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    The tool surpassed my expectations. It combines a number of services in one. I use it mainly for project and docs management. CRM is also helpful. In short, it is worthy for any kind of business.
  • Hartz | 5 Reviews | 3.0 Rating
    This is far more a product review than online/website kudos. Hartz’ new Delectables cat mostly-liquid pouches is a HUGE hit with my kitty . . . and so far every kitty I’ve heard about who’s tried it!
  • Eztrader | 89 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    Have you gotten your bitcoins stolen from your wallet or invested in an ICO that turned out to be a scam, you are not alone because this happened to me too. I initially lost $544,000 in just three months from Cryptoallday and a couple of others. I contacted the authorities and they referred me to …
  • Subscription Addiction | 3 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Wow! I am duly impressed! Last night I wrote a negative review of SubscriptionAddiction regarding a tardy subscription to The New Yorker. Turned out
  • The Monitoring Center | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
    I worked for this company years ago and the culture is beyond terrible, long hours, low pay, discriminate people of colour ( this is very true) only promote white, they pass over minority working there for 2 years and promote a white bad manners and inexperienced woman as soon she passed her probation. They simply …
  • BodyBuilding.com | 78 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    I joined bodybuilding.com quarterly online program. Two weeks before it was to expire I cancelled the program – or I thought I did. I found out later that you need to click thru three different screens to say are you sure you want to cancel? I thought I was cancelled after the first screen and …
  • Picanova.co.uk | 40 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    For what they charged, and for what I got, absolutely superb, and the postage only £5-00, considering the picture was 1200mm by 800mm
  • Arhaus | 2 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Arhaus has the most unique and one of a kind items. I LOVE the quality and the ability to customize furniture to fit my home. From the moment I walked into the store until delivery, I was treated with utmost respect. Buying furniture is an investment and something I was stressed out over but Arhaus …
  • WasteCollection.com | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
    Appalling customer service and staff who seemed trained to give you the worst experience imaginable. Avoid them like the plague.
  • Lightning Motorsports | 173 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Lovely friendly and honest hrs working company always willing to help where they can and booking is a breeze A+++
  • Mira Fertility | 255 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    My first pack of wands didn’t work due to being damaged in transit, however Mira customer support was amazing. They got back to me quickly and replaced my damaged wands with a new pack which worked perfectly.
  • Geauxdatcollectibles | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    Well made with multiple leather bands of different thicknesses and colors. I like the little charm.
  • SodaHead | 110 Reviews | 2.0 Rating
    I miss sodahead. Years later i still am hoping that it will pop the bottle a pour each of us a glass again. WTF.
  • Adzzup | 21 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Don’t know about their service – read the contract, didn’t like it, didn’t sign it, but its now the second month, they’ve already taken my money $249 twice now and its just a real hassle to call the credit card company so many times. Signpost is the same way. A bunch of ripoffs just trying …
  • Squadhelp.com | 572 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    You need to improve UI/UX of the contest. The search and filtering functionality should be more functional.
  • RawHairStudio | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
  • Medlineplus.gov | 6 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    I find information about medications I, or a family member takes. I wanted more info about Oxycodone, which was prescribed for me after surgery. I learned more about the drug than what appeared on the patient information sheet from the drugstore. I have used the MedLine Plus site numerous times and find it extremely helpful! …
  • DatBit | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    when my hard drive failed I searched for someone who could provide a real data recovery service from the first try, luckily I was advised to send the drive to datbit.com and it turned out pretty good. The service is not crazy expensive as the other pro companies. They recovered the data from the drive …
  • Affilorama | 4 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    useful site for affiliate marketing
  • Ashley Furniture | 21 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    UPDATED: I ordered a full bedroom set, including the mattress, from Ashley Furniture in the beginning of February. I had a great and positive in-store experience dealing with Megyn. However, once the ordered was placed and delivery set, things went downhill. They could not complete the set up because the store messed up and did …
  • Christmastyme | 2 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    Do not have these people come into your home.
  • CCCAMBOX | 74 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    Thier IPTV breaks up all the time. The CCCAM did not arrive for 1 week and then after that I am still waiting for a week and a half and it still does not work.
  • Euronics España | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    euronics.es è di proprietà di EURONICS Deutschland eG
  • Timberlofts.net/ | 1 Review | 1.0 Rating
    Steals money, no item
  • Foleyengines.com | 9 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    Almost bought some items from this company. They almost got me. I just had a few questions about my order when the invoice was emailed to me.
  • The Paragon | 4 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    That is the last time i order from this company!! The order was missing an item, they did not honor the $5. off $25. and they charge shipping by the dollar amount of the total order, not volume or weight. The agent was polite but did not refund or remedy the situation. I paid for …
  • WritersPie | 104 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Gone are the days when I used to get a warning over my bad frammer, ever since I’ve collaboarated wih writerspie, I am getting appreciation and appreciation only from my teachers.
  • Supernotebook | 6 Reviews | 3.0 Rating
    Last time I purchased one cell phone cover and laptop carry bag. The lap bag is still good but mobile cover became dirty so soon.
  • Reid Cycles | 1 Review | 4.0 Rating
    Australian outfit. Their site works, is safe and they have a huge selection of bikes.
  • Wired Up Beads | 166 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Everything was perfect except strange things at the top of the web site before I can find the items. other than that nice web. Easy to locate items needed. Great prices.
  • Spanish Uruguay Spanish School | 16 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    In a nutshell, the program was everything I heard about them. It was well organized and well managed. If you are serious about learning Spanish, it is definitely the place to go… a good investment, without any doubt!
  • Gourmetbasket.com.au | 827 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Hasn’t been opened yet
  • BurningMan.com | 3 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Great place to learn about the Playa.
  • Pier 1 | 64 Reviews | 3.0 Rating
    So after shopping religiously at Pier One for years, they decide to change the way they sell merchandise now. I walked into the store on Brownsboro Rd, Louisville Kentucky to find new items everywhere. In fact i wanted to purchase the very first picture on display in front. The manager informed me consumers now have …
  • Myvanilladebitcard.com | 81 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    So my son is a great 16 year old that has been wanting his own card for a few months now and had been using my debit but he feels the need for his own and i agree. He saw online that the Paypal was a 13+ so i took him to the store and …
  • AirTkt | 3 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    Here’s the deal… I booked a flight through you and was sent an email asking for a call back. The first time I was hung up on. I feel he hung up because I challenged his request to do a three way call to my bank. He stated that this was required to verify that …
  • Accessorypackages | 14 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
  • MailBoxValidator | 1 Review | 5.0 Rating
    This API is very use to identify the person email ids. It helps our apps to deduct face accounts. I think it is One of the most useful API form spam filter email accounts. I was really appreciate the team.
  • IndiaFloristNetwork | 10 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    I placed an order on https://www.indiafloristnetwork.com/ today for 1 kg Haldiram’s Sonpapdi to Ranchi. By the late evening, it was delivered but what they delivered was – Local Sonpapdi and that is 500gm from ROSE AND PETALS, Ranchi.
  • Craft Direct | 791 Reviews | 4.0 Rating
    Excellent selection, easy to find what I wanted! Prices are the best I’ve found and shipping is super quick!
  • Wyoming Shelf LLC | 6 Reviews | 1.0 Rating
    Very poor management, never refer to anyone for this. Don’t call them. It is absolutely scam; I had a very frustrating experience with this company. The website was very late in replying me. Absolutely pathetic customer service.
  • Greeting Card Universe | 10,196 Reviews | 5.0 Rating
    Easy and quick!! Thanks


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