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Ellen Degeneres Facebook Scam

Michele – Victim Location 43229 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes I have gotten Facebook messages from Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey. The messages look like they are coming from my nephew. They say I’ve won a prize.

FaceBook Scam Microsoft Promotions

Holly – Victim Location 31012 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Wanted me to contact them and friend them. it was like I had friend requested them and needed to confirm their friendship. Dernandez Diana Marie. I later found 100 messages from them. claim to be Microsoft Promotions.

Facebook Scam

Alyssa – May 17, 2020 Victim Location 83338 Type of a scam Government Grant I was contacted by a "friend" of mine on Facebook about a non-payback grant that he had received for $125,000. He sent me the link on Facebook. It also had a link to the agent Patrick Ryan who is in Texas …

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Grant scam on Facebook

Holly – Victim Location 31903 Type of a scam Government Grant A girl named Stacy Williams stated to me that Facebook gave her 200,000 dollars and that my name was on the list and to text a number 347 815 3694

Car scam on Facebook

Chase – Victim Location 21122 Type of a scam Online Purchase On Facebook a woman named Cecilia is advertising a car for sale for her daughter. . A 2012 Honda CR V EXL for $6500.00 33719 miles With 24 pictures shown Serving in Offutt AFB NE Promoted and transferred to Hickam AFB in Pearl Harbor …

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Facebook Messenger Grant Scam

Tommy – Victim Location 43110 Type of a scam Government Grant I’m 77 years old. I got a Facebook Messenger message from my friend. I called my friend and she knew nothing about it. I contacted them and they said eligible for a small business grant of $150,000. They texted me a picture of the …

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Facebook Federal Government Scam

Suzanne – Victim Location 43232 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes This persons name is Louis Pogge. He has a website on Facebook, a friend said it was legit and to just message him, his company gives away money to people in need. I was skeptical but curious. I sent a message and he responded instantly …

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Facebook Romance Scam

Tracy – Victim Location 83661 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Romance The scammer started a conversation. Said he was an engineer from Florida. After a while he started to use endearing comments and wanted to meet me but he had to finish a job first. He said he had to have money …

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Facebook Lottery Scam

Cameron – Victim Location 47031 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes A girl working for Mark Zuckerman told me I won $800,000 in the Facebook lottery. A have a page full of crap about it. She texted me over and over.

Facebook Messanger Scam

Alexandra – Victim Location 97754 Type of a scam Government Grant I received a friend request on facebook from someone I knew. After saying hello to each other, she asked me if I knew about the GEG program. that she had gotten $50,000 from them. She gave me a number, 765-351-1608 to text and said …

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