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LLC lee PayPal

Jesus – Jul 14, 2020 Scammer’s website Childrens park Scammer’s email [email protected] com Country Unknown or Invalid Region Type of a scam Online Purchase Initial means of contact Email Ordered a banazi water slide for $99 for kids just said it accepted Visa .. was more excited about the deal for kids. Didnt stop 2think …

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Katherine – Aug 19, 2020 Victim Location 06705 Type of a scam Online Purchase Received email stating I made a purchase, but I have never heard of the company nor made any recent purchases.


Jamie – Victim Location 37909 Total money lost $150 Type of a scam Phishing I tried to contact PayPal about purchases I had made but not received. I went to PayPal website and called the phone number listed on the page. They answered the phone with a greeting from PayPal so, I proceeded to tell …

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Tara – Victim Location 06607 Total money lost $605 Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Recently sold and item on and was sent a confirmation email through PayPal saying that payment was received and that it should take 2-3 business days to receive. I shipped item on 4/3/16. I called PayPal on 4/7/16 … and PayPal Read More »

Cleanula and PayPal

Caleb – Aug 02, 2020 Victim Location 48183 Total money lost $87.60 Type of a scam Online Purchase Hello, I have used PayPal to make I purchase online called cleanlua using PayPal. PayPal was supposed to make sure everything is fine before something like this was to happed. So I trusted PayPal to pay for …

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Claiming PayPal – IMPOSTOR

Tracy – Sep 02, 2020 Victim Location 90601 Type of a scam Phishing This came to my email: ???????? ????????????????, ???????? ???????????? ?????????????? ?????? ???????? ?????????????????????? ????????????????????.???? ???????? ?????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???? ???????????? ?????????? ???????????? ???? ???????? ???????????? ??????????????. ?????? ???????? ?????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???? ?????????????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ????????. ???? ???????????????? ?????????????? …

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Imposter for Paypal

Kristine – Sep 16, 2020 Victim Location 44223 Type of a scam Credit Cards Called this # and I thought I was speaking to paypal he asked for my full credit card # to see if could locate it. I gave it to him and he then stated that 29 people are trying to hack …

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George – Jul 20, 2020 Victim Location 90231 Total money lost $119 Type of a scam CryptoCurrency I got this website [email protected] 09.01.2020 17:17 ___________________________ Jeanson Ancheta ______________________________________________ $$$ (744 820 260 ICQ)MAKING MONEY SMART AND FAST$$$ 744 820 260 ICQ)$$$$ I’m a Professional carder and hacker AKA MA$$- 1NCOME living in USA as a …


imposter of PayPal

Tony – Mar 26, 2020 Victim Location 54304 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Someone spoofing PayPal (not legitimate) indicated payment of $699 was authorized to a An individual but didn’t come thru PayPal Account regular way – email asked you to call a number if this was in error. Didn’t call number as …

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Imposter – PayPal

Kara – Victim Location 77478 Type of a scam Online Purchase I received an email claiming I had sent a payment for $134.90 through paypal to PrivateNetwork VPN. The email asked if it was not me to click on the link provided to dispute the transaction. This was not me, and I would never click …

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Digital paypal

Bridget – Sep 30, 2020 Victim Location 95961 Type of a scam Online Purchase Email was impersonating PayPal Claiming there was a recent purchase of 499.00 and that I needed to call them within 24 hours

Fake Paypal

Rodney – Jun 26, 2020 Victim Location 38301 Total money lost $1,600 Type of a scam Phishing I ordered an item online using paypal. I never received the item and wanted my money back. I was having a hard time getting anywhere with the seller so i thought i contacted pay pall. I googled pay …

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Beck Bettles – Paypal Scam

Scott – Victim Location 90813 Total money lost $25 Type of a scam Online Purchase My daughter put a Target gift card she received for Christmas up for sale on Letgo app and a person interested in purchasing it scammed her out of her card. We received an email, supposedly from PayPal, but it had …

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Acting as paypal

Eric – Victim Location 55987 Type of a scam Phishing Actual e-mail supposedly in service to PayPal (with headers included, along with spelling and grammatical errors from original): X-Apparently-To: [email protected]; Mon, 04 Mar 2019 13:30:31 +0000 Return-Path: Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts) X-YMailISG: p1jszJ4WLDsUxkMa5_QLqqZXkrqILhXjeYoZPIPP7bKQ0W2z MAnBrpyufbq4KFJImWHxHFJjq_SsZYbyRpNa6kqcXH5ZX1KsSuib7I41N_ZH x7fkFcSPLnCwGXBSSxPjJQ99ePLWTRSdUZ_bJnXid5f6ZEEZpIgxnDUAMfYh QNha35W51gbPuznjCzgXS07h0tI0LDwpKljl_6LFB84YjjFQ_vkc8j5XgPbP NXnGegDg2Y0yTl_VXVoPorpnUmrk9lnPTP_SsJCD4CGxqp6JlbFtnKvpbIPR a_cKtOaco9DpoYFQaA8j_RWg4wyTcqmxQv3nKkgPdfahBARtD0X.MUhlHJLf …

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Fake/Imposter PayPal Service

Kathryn – Dec 28, 2020 Victim Location 23662 Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam Scammer claimed they were affiliated with PayPal and got my mom to give them her card number to “verify” a transaction. They then wanted to give her $100 for her trouble. By the end of the call they …

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Account Team PayPal

Rebecca – Jan 19, 2021 Victim Location 76107 Type of a scam Phishing Received email from Account Team PayPal that read as follows: Hello Just wanted to let you know, we really appreciate your order. Use Code OFF20 for a 20% discount on your next order. You have 24 hours from the date of the …

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UNKN Paypal Scam

Ross – Victim Location 31088 Type of a scam Phishing Received an email today stating that there was unauthorized activity in my PayPal account. [code:YBU895] They wanted me to go into my ac count and change username, password etc. Telephone number to call was an over seas number.