Edwards & Young

Eddie –

Victim Location 72223

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call from someone saying they were a Documents company (281-509-9202) that needed to speak with me about a Legal issue in Pulaski, Co. I usually can spot a scam but this caught me off guard but wanted to find out what this was about. They said they were hired by a Legal office that was handling the case (888-709-1978) I called and spoke, at length, with a Susan. She new all my information, SSN, DOB, address, work history, credit history, etc. Said I was being sued by HSBC bank for $1,268.37 for CC charges that happen from 2009-2012. I told her that I was unaware of these charges and highly doubt that they were made by me because I had just gotten out of Bankruptcy then, and couldn’t get a loan to save my life. She said they tried to deliver a letter of intent but it was unable to be delivered. I told her that was weird because I am not that hard for them to find. Remember, they already had my information. I asked her for the information they were given and she said it was limited because it had already left their office headed for the courts. I was able to get an account/CC number from her and knew the number she gave me was for a Master Card. I told her I have never owned a MasterCard. She said she wasn’t allowed to give me a phone number for the bank (which is a lie and a red flag). I told her I will follow up with the bank and I will give her a call back.

I called HSBC Bank directly and finally got to the right department. They stated that I had no current or closed accounts with them and that I would need to ask for a verification of debt. I pretty much knew it was a scam then. I called the Edwards and young number back and a deep voiced man answered. I told him why I was calling and asked for him to spell the business name so I had it right. He asked for my "Case" number and then said he would place me on hold and forward me to "my rep". He hung up on me. I waited about 5 min. and called back. Susan answered the phone this time (most likely because they had caller ID) and I told her that I would like a verification of debt. She fed me a line that she couldn’t give that to me and I would have to wait for the legal papers. I told her to take me to court then. Before the call ended, I asked her where they were working out of. She said Corona CA and started to tell me something else but stopped mid sentence. I overheard the deep voiced man again tell her to end the call. She then said "Oh, have a good day!" then hung up.

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