Interlane Loginstics

Fernando – Dec 11, 2020 Type of a scam Employment Hi I applied for a job through indeed and received an email for an interview and after doing some research and googling the company I found many typos on their website, spoke to a person with a 417 Nevada area code, even though the business …

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Garrett – Jan 04, 2021 Victim Location 31411 Total money lost $43 Type of a scam Online Purchase Ordered product they said it was delivered I called FedEx they said it was delivered but they had a different address and they wouldn’t let me know what it was. Went back on website it’s gone telephone …

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Henry – Nov 30, 2020 Victim Location 63025 Total money lost $90 Type of a scam Online Purchase I ordered a fur coat that was advertised on facebook for $90.00, I received a cheap paper thin wind jacket with no fur what so ever. I tried to contact this company for a refund and never …

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International Minority Fund

Alicia – Dec 28, 2020 Victim Location 44103 Type of a scam Government Grant I was on Facebook. I received a Messenger from International Minority Fund.Pretend to be with the Government. Their phone number 559-634-8181. Contact was Bob Smith. Also sent me several text messages. Offering $150,000 grant if I qualify. Requesting about $300 upfront …

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Gina – Nov 22, 2020 Victim Location 31419 Total money lost $400 Type of a scam Investment This person scams people threw Instagram pretending to be apart of a investment group. And takes money for investments she will have you cash her. Her cash app Name is $investmentmoney26. There she collects people money. When I …

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Derrick – Jan 12, 2021 Victim Location 07305 Type of a scam Employment Intuit sent a fake offer letter with grammatical errors. They have asked for personal name, address and bank information.

International Monetary Fund

Austin – Feb 02, 2021 Victim Location 49348 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes I was contacted on Facebook messenger out of the blue by a friend on Facebook IM, asking if I got mine yet? I took the bait, he told me to call 206-338-5844and ask for Paul Robinson the PCH manager, which I did, …

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Insurer Compensation Company

Thomas – Sep 01, 2020 Victim Location 46032 Total money lost $43,000 Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief I was advised of this person to help with a scam. His business was to reimburse for losses. This scam with him took place over months. It was a lure after being hurt so badly. He …

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Wayne – Dec 27, 2020 Victim Location 67801 Total money lost $255.99 Type of a scam Online Purchase So I was going to buy my kids an Xbox for Christmas. The had a Black Friday sale that had everything 70% off. It’s been weeks since I bought it. Nothing has arrived. So my kids didn’t …

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Courtney – Nov 16, 2020 Victim Location 29730 Type of a scam Employment I received an email from a company saying that I applied and got the job, I never applied but I was like I need the money so I took it. I send in my ID and SS# kuz I thought it was …

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International Sal

Evelyn – Dec 11, 2020 Victim Location 68438 Total money lost $30.59 Type of a scam Online Purchase This company offered a rechargeable snow shovel for sell, but when your order arrives you receive an ice scraper from China. They refuse to refund your money with the excuse you have to send the item back …

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Jillian – Nov 19, 2020 Victim Location 85705 Type of a scam Employment It was for employment for working as a secret shopper the scammer sent me a check and wanted me to deposit the check he sent into my bank account and then go to my nearest postal store and evaluate the Postal Store. …

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Integrity Market

Tyler – Nov 24, 2020 Victim Location 10032 Type of a scam Employment I founded the job on craiglist and the person who got in contact with me is a guy named Jason Morgan. the job was basically data entry and delivering said packages to fedex or ups. I was late for my first three …

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Isabella Goldendoodles

Crystal – Jan 01, 2021 Victim Location 84067 Type of a scam Online Purchase This person is running a scam online in purchasing golden doodle puppies for $600.00 each plus shipping costs, I inquired with them via text and wanted more information but as I was reading the "about us " section of their web …

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Inter-global Shipping

Blake – Dec 11, 2020 Victim Location 10467 Total money lost $800 Type of a scam Online Purchase I bought a puppy online from a local breeder for $500. The breeder shipped the puppy through Inter-global Shipping but the agency sent me an email saying that i had to rent a thermal crate for the …

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Internet Idee

Nicolas – Dec 04, 2020 Victim Location 91107 Type of a scam Employment I was trying to find a job amid this pandemic we are going through right now. I was using the freelance website Upwork when I applied to do an illustration job. I didn’t get the job but I was contacted by a …

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Intelenyx Systems Inc.

Stacy – Dec 11, 2020 Victim Location 92120 Type of a scam Employment Fake offer of employment. Ordered phone from RingCentral sent to me under contract with cosignee


Michele – Jan 21, 2021 Victim Location 44691 Total money lost $45.88 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Was ordering Baby Yoda for my wife for Christmas. Description and video was of high quality product and described as best quality resin material and full animatronic motion. Was actually cheap plush Chinese crap manufacturing. Took 6 …

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