Grandma’s Gift Shop

Misty – Jan 03, 2021

BUYER BEWARE DO NOT ORDER from this company, products never show up and customer service is basically useless. DO NOT ORDER

Kathleen – Dec 23, 2020

On September 25, 2020 I ordered 12 non-personalized 2020 Christmas ornaments, $101.90, for friends and family. Order # 140474GGS11. On September 25, $101.90 was taken from my account. On November 24, I sent an e-Mail inquiring about my order and received a response, apologized for the delay, due to the pandemic and it should be delivered soon – Justin F. On December 13, I sent another email concerning the same order. On December 15, another apology for delay, my order has been shipped, rest assured it should be delivered soon. On December 17, I requested the parcel delivery they used, UPS, USPS or FedEx, and the tracking number. December 23, I was informed that the tracking number has expired, would I like a replacement sent or a refund. After questioning what this meant via email, I received a Refund Notification for $101.90 which has not showed up in my account yet… Jeannine S.

Robin – Dec 22, 2020

Total money lost $67

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed on order on the 8th of October for a few Christmas ornaments for myself and a few of my relatives. They still haven’t arrived on 21st December.

When I looked at the tracking info, none of it makes sense. Its continually saying returned, arrived at customs, returned to sender, arrival at destination, arrived at processing centre, received by carrier, then back to returned. I read some reviews of people saying the same thing, sadly, after I ordered via Grandma’s gift shop.

I emailed them a few times due to the fact they have NO phone number or as they state in their emails.

Caroline – Dec 16, 2020

This place is a total scam! When I contacted the company to ask about why my package appears to be stuck in Shanghai (it’s been in the same place for over a week) they shared the same tracking link and told me to look there. Horrible. I asked for a refund and they told me they cannot because the order has already been shipped. The order was 1 of 2 presents my daughter asked for from Santa so I’ve had to order the item from another store. Total waste of money and my time! Do not order from here!

Drew – Dec 10, 2020

Yes. It’s a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! Ordered a bomber’s hat for grandson. Never delivered. They just told me to look on the porch. Simply terrible. A pure ripoff. AVOID!

Cole – Dec 10, 2020

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered two Christmas ornaments that haven’t arrived after ten weeks. I have tried to contact them multiple times and they respond via email with an automatic response blaming COVID-19 for the delay and offering store credit in the amount. I’ve gotten the exact same email three times. This is theft, it’s happened to many people based on the reviews and I need a refund and they need to be shot down immediately.

Eddie – Dec 10, 2020

Ordered two ornaments 10 weeks ago and nothing. DO NOT ORDER from here. I will be contacting my credit card company to reverse this. It’s theft!

Ivan – Dec 08, 2020

I ordered the Unicorn necklace, earrings and ring. The order came yesterday but did not include the earrings. The earrings are why I ordered from your company. I can I go about getting the earrings before Christmas?

Jodi – Dec 07, 2020

I ordered a Christmas ornament on October 22, 2020. Have not received anything yet – it is now December 7, 2020. The ornament has to come from China – according to the tracking information it is somewhere between China and USA. I am contacting the credit card company today to have the charge reversed.

Donald – Dec 15, 2020

I would love to know if the credit card company reversed the charge.

Jeremy – Dec 07, 2020

Ordered on Oct 5th and never received anything… we are December 7th… they told me over a month ago I would get my item in a day/week.. still nothing. Can’t provide me with a tracking number. This seems like it’s a scam. They keep writing back to me…always the same story… offering me a “store credit” !

Bethany – Dec 04, 2020

Ordered a Christmas gift in October… was charged immediately for it.. it is now Dec 4 and have not received it.. they claim it was shipped via UPS but they have no record if it! They will not answer calls or emails. Several people have had several terrible experiences with the company!

Tina – Dec 04, 2020

Scam! I ordered 2 Christmas tree ornaments and it stated that it was hand painted. Alas, it came from China and was definitely not hand painted but some cheap rubber.. Very very disappointed and I paid USD27.97 for that 2 cheap and lousy ornaments.

Joel – Jan 04, 2021

I ordered 4 of these and I agree, they are total garbage! I made the mistake of sending them back for a “refund”. They told me I had to send them back to Montreal via Canada Post with a tracking number. If I had sent them back by regular mail, it would have cost me $1.97. Instead, because I had to provide a tracking number to them, it cost me $25.94! I paid $77.80 including shipping both ways and they refunded $46.90.There is a difference of $30.90 that they refuse to refund. So I am out of pocket over $30 for items I no longer have. I have had several conversations by facebook messenger and email regarding this and they refuse to budge. I’ve asked to communicate with a manager to no avail and they have stopped communicating with me. This company should not be in business! They are thieves! I have never had such bad customer serice and I will NEVER deal with this company again!

Erika – Dec 15, 2020

Me too! Complete crap! They are refusing to refund my money and it took over 2 months to come.

Allen – Dec 01, 2020

i 0rdered a mat foe 13.98 and cloth book 11,98 book came but mat didn.t but they have my mone y please let my know if it going to come

Yolanda – Nov 30, 2020

This site is a scam. I ordered 2 items for our sons and they sent 1. They refuse to give a refund for the missing item and just keep saying they’ll give a credit or replacement item. Their website clearly states a refund is possible but they refuse to give one.

Robin – Nov 24, 2020

This is 100% a scammers site, I bought a few Christmas decorations thinking it would be a good quality store from Canada, they were advertised as hand painted.
What arrived was directly from China, not Canada. It took months to arrive and was not hand painted or made from ceramic, it was rubber and extremely tacky. You’d normally pay $2 for what I received but I paid nearly $40.
They write back to emails and say they will give you a store credit and then you’ll never receive it.

Stephen – Nov 03, 2020

Please don’t buy here Ive orderd for around 100 dollars toys for my grandkids None of them were as advertised on their website Its a scam They really dont care if you put in a complain Also never saw my negative review on their website They only have the positive one up there

Melinda – Oct 26, 2020

I ordered 7 items totalling $190.00. So far I have received one $10 item. Last week tracking said a dress I had ordered had been delivered, but it was not and the post office knows nothing. There is no info available about the rest of my order. Chargeback here I come! What a scam!

Hannah – Oct 15, 2020

I ordered a black tutu dress for my grabdaughter. The picture was lovely. This is what arrived. A peach colour dress that beats no resemblance to the tutu skirt it was advertised as having. Ive added pics of how it should look and the actual item

Crystal – Sep 25, 2020

I ordered a little boy romper jumpsuit 6M inv. # c13591701651571.1 and paid through PayPal July 12th, 2020 and says it was delivered and now it’s September 25, 2020 and still no package. This order totaled 45.98. Please send item or my money back.
Thank you, Betty Brown

Jacquelyn – Sep 04, 2020

I placed an order for a pair of crocs for my granddaughter the 1st of June. On June 15th $23.98 was taken from my account by Grandma’s Gift Shop. After waiting for delivery for several weeks I decided to email and complain. I made several complaints to Grandma’s Gift Shop thru email. I did receive a tracking number which told me expected delivery would be June 27th to July 22nd. Yesterday, Sept 3rd, I decided to follow up again to get my crocs. I wrote a message thru fb complaining that I never received the crocs and that I was notifying Better Business Bureau if I didn’t get a response from Grandma’s Gift Shop by Sept. 4th…I received a private message on fb stating the crocs would be there, and that Covid was to blame. They also stated they would give me credit for my $23.98 in their store…well, I’m not interested in doing any more business with this outfit. I’ve been waiting for these crocs since the 1st of June so that’s 90+ days. My granddaughter will have outgrown the crocs if and when I ever get them…so frustrating! So, be aware people…I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything from Grandma’s Gift Shop! ugh

Noah – Oct 14, 2020

If you used a credit card to purchase these, you can file a dispute with your credit card company saying you never received the merchandise. The credit card company will put the payment on hold, and contact the merchant for an explanation. They will usually make the hold permanent and you will not be charged for the transaction. I ALWAYS use a credit card for this reason!

Jack –

I ordered a dress as a gift on June 24th. Contacted them Via email 8 times. They keep telling me it is in its way- the shipping details have not changed since June 30th.
Have disputed this with credit card company. This place is a scam!

How can a business get away with this. I have sent them 8 emails. Completely unacceptable. When the respond they just include the shipping link.

Meagan –

I ordered a long ear rabbit for my newest great grandchild. It took a long time to come, & when it did, the outside wrapper said it came from Canada, on the inside, the rabbit was in a UNOPENED bag from China. Wish as a matter of fact. I know because I’ve ordered numerous items from wish. They take a lifetime to show up too. I sent an email to them…crickets…DO NOT WASTE TOUR MONEY!

Michelle –

Scammer’s phone +1 (844) 926-2084

Scammer’s website [email protected] com

Scammer’s address 6300 Place Northcrest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Scammer’s email [email protected] com

Country Canada

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

On May 28th I purchased a wooden bear dress up puzzle and it never was delivered. Contacting them was useless…they just tried to run out the 30 cc cancellation option by sending fake IN TRANSIT ingo. In transit at 19 different stops in CHICAGO and stalled. No return calls. NO PUZZLE JUST A SCAM. COPYING PHOTO USELESS WILL NOT UPLOAD

Kevin –

Ordered an outfit for a newborn on 4/17 and it never arrived. Contacted seller and canceled order as the newborn was no longer a newborn. Only response we got was he apologized and said it was on the way. Another month nothing. Looks like local, but the seller is in China. Avoid this company.

Cindy –

GRAM SCAM COMPANY. I ordered a Bear Dress Up wooden puzzle on May 28th and it is Aug 2nd. Tracking is fake. Shows stuck in Chicago moving from facility to facility 19 times. No help by email customer service, no help via phone…nobody ever calls back.
Upload photo from their site? Not in any format that is allowable on this site. Argh

Lydia –

Save your money, time and energy! This business is a scam. Placed an order on 6/3/2020. Got an email confirmation with the tracking number. When I tried to track the order, the tracking stops at airport. I have messaged them a few times and they just keep sending the tracking number. Filed a claim with PayPal over a month later, then another shipping confirmation send, and this time even a delivery confirmation was sent. Nothing was delivered/received per security cameras. Zero customer service to speak of.

Morgan –

Scammer’s phone 18449262074

Scammer’s website Grandmas gift shop

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Took my money, no confirmation number, never answers phone can’t find my order keeps sending me emails saying items in my cart but I don’t exist in the website! I want my money back. Their phone system is a joke no customer service option, tried several emails no one ever answers! What a disappointment!

Andrea –

I placed an order, never got a confirmation? I still get emails saying things are in my cart, trying logging in and says my email is not listed? But yet they keep sending me emails, no reply, phone system is a joke. I too am filing a scam alert with my bank what a disappointment!

Marvin –

I ordered from this company months ago and I haven’t received my order but I was charged. I think they scammed me. I get at least 3 emails a day from them but nothing about my order. In this time of suffering from a pandemic why do we have to suffer through scammers taking money from us? I’m so upset. They should not be able to use Facebook as an advertising platform.

Kristy –

I am dealing with those crooks now!

Robin –

I ordered a nursing pillow for $58 and it took 2 months to arrive and when it did it had a hole. I asked for a pre-paid label to send it back and they denied doing that. Kept asking for a video which I sent. I already paid shipping to me, now they want me to pay again. Very disappointed that they take advantage of Grandma’s like me.

Gloria –

I ordered 2 swimsuits and a newborn outfit and I haven’t seen anything yet and that was a couple months ago I have emailed them that I want a refund but they keep sending me a tracking number I am so as I’m out of over 60.00 please help me I am a single 61 year old grandma who works in the medical field and I have been taken advantage of .i can’t afford to just let these scammers get away with this Please help me get my money back and help me to stop the company from taking advantage of other people

Janelle –

I ordered the tigger outfit april 24th..lost 25 dollars because it never came..messaging back and forth because it is over 2months and WHERE IS IT…I get ridiculous replies just to pacify me a little longer..the tracking is a joke and this company is a bad cruel is “in transit”..I think it just sits in china really..then they offered me store credit …I said I would take the hampster…also no sign of it..when I messaged them it is almost like an automated reply..they offered store credit again..I get so angry with them..I need to just let it go…they have wasted my time..and my energy…so disappointing

Misty –

I ordered a dress on 6/8/2020. Tracking stated it was sent to the shipper in Hebron, KY on 6/11. I needed it for 6/20. Customer service is useless. They are now stating my product is coming from China. I never order from there, as I know shipping is a nightmare. They have differently named people answering emails. I have brought this as a complaint to my credit card company. Oh, and now they changed the tracking system so you have no clue where anything is. Cute outfit, but the business is a scam! Never again!

Jeremy –

I ordered a Husky Plush Dog in April. Still haven’t gotten it. Started telling me it was on it’s way, but tracking number shows it has never left. They just keep feeding me a bunch of lies. Like one other person said, I am so thankful I used paypal!

Evan –

I place an order for a gift for my granddaughter on April 30, 2020. She still has not received it and it is now June 20, 2020. No one answers the phone when you call, neither do they respond to email inquiries. Will never order from them again. Buyer beware.

Sharon –

I ordered a Robot and never received it Email said my order was on the way. You can’t talk to no one. I want my money back. I’m just now reading the reviews. Thanks

Tracy –

I ordered the Unicorn Tutu for my granddaughter . It has never been received.
They sent a tracking number that is not valid.
they are crooks
dee ann havely
San Antonio TX

Aaron –

I placed an order on February 13 /20 well in advance of my grandchild’s birthday in May. Despite numerous emails it is now four months later and this order has not been received. On two occasions I was advised items would be reshipped. On four occasions I have requested a full refund only to be advised they would process a store credit.

Rebecca –

I ordered from this company on February 13, 2020 as a birthday gift for my grandchild. Despite numerous emails to the company the order still has not been received. Twice I have been advised that they reshipped the item. I have on four occasions requested a refund of my money only to be told they would process a store credit. It has been four months and nothing.

Adrienne –

I ordered from them the beginning of may, they took my money with no problem, a few days later, they sent me a email saying my order is on it’s way, they gave me a tracking number, so I check to see where my order was about 3 weeks ago, it said label was created but not in system, it still says, that, tried to call company, never able to talk to anyone, so sent several email, and all they say it’s been shipped, give it 2 to 3 weeks to get it.

Miranda –

I placed 2 orders for grandchildren since they are all on home schooling due to the virus. The order consisted of numerous “montesourri style” learning kits. I placed my order back in April. One order to the tune of $70 the other $137. I have NEVER had any problems ordering or receiving from online companies till now. I wish I had seen this site prior to my ordering. I have contacted them numerous times, to which they keep saying the order is in route, meanwhile the Tracking number doesn’t show it has shipped. The last contact they told me I could order from the site to an amount of my order as a credit, but with no credit amount showing on the “Grandma’s giftshop” site. When I “login” to the site to look at my orders all I see is order number, date, and the word “fulfilled”. They gave me tracking numbers that still show NO proof of shipping. Oh by the way, they charged me within 3 days of ordering. I implore people to not order from this site! I too have phoned the canada number and not had a human response. I google map searched the address they use and see an “export” co. name in an apartment building. Please be wary of ordering…do your checking before you place orders. They look soooo folksy on line…GRANDMA’S giftshop. . . . everyone had a grand ma…Your being scammed.

John –

Alice Young ** Revised update to my above problem. Part of my order has been received by my grandchild. It did take a full 8 wks. for the order to be completed. I still have the other order to be filled, but at least a part has been delivered. I believe the company when then let me know they have been impacted by the Covid 19 virus on all their orders. Let’s see if I get the other 1/2. Just want to be fair to the company.

Lindsay –

I am so thankful I used PayPal to pay for my order and saved all the emails telling me my order had shipped or was on the way!
I am so disappointed this company has chosen to use “covid-19 delays” as a way to scam people! I hope they get shut down soon!

Terry –

I ordered a baby outfit size 2T on April 6th 2020. I have received email saying my order was shipped on 4/8/20. USPO showed pre-order processing and their support gave me a Global Order Tracking web site which as of now shows NO ACTIVITY for 55 days. And notice! Their phone number is BS – it gives you their email. The email gets answered “keep waiting”. There is nowhere to actually write a review – they post only “best reviews” on their web site. I wrote a note on their FB and disputed my CC charge.

Lindsey –

I ordered a cute outfit for my little granddaughter at the end of April. It’s been almost a month and nothing! From these complaints they they need to be reported to the BBB! Sad. Luckily I ordered the other grandkids outfits from a reputable company and received those quickly! Why do people do this to others?! Sad!

Brian –

I ordered a dress for my granddaughter on April 28th, and have yet to receive it. Looks like I might have been scammed. i will never order from them again. I definitely didn’t see anything on there website that they are in Canada.

Sarah –

I ordered Easter dress and bunny for my granddaughter on 4/3. It’s not delivered yet. Easter was done and summer has came. She didn’t receive them yet. It’s over 6 weeks. I asked money back so I can get new dress for her but they keep saying “No we already sent them.“ I emailed them several time already about this matter. I don’t know what to do next . From Mad Grandma

Jon –

I ordered dresses for my niece’s birthday which was last week. I placed the order on 4/12/20. Got an email confirmation with the tracking number. Three weeks after I placed the order I still didn’t receive anything. When I tried to track the order, the USPS website said that nothing has arrived at their facility. I have messaged them a few times and they said that somehow my order was delayed but they would expedite the order immediately. Well, my niece s birthday was last week and I didn’t have any presents for her. Please don’t do business with these people.

Terrance –

I ordered products the beginning of April. The amount of $66.81 was paid and cashed on 4/ 8/ 2020. I was told twice it just cleared customs approximately 2 weeks ago. Still no package. Do Not order ANYTHING from this company. You will regret it. Seeking legal advice especially after reading the previous remarks

Rebecca –

I placed an order over 2 months ago and still have not received it yet I got an email that said the order was returned so I emailed them and told him to cancel it and they’re telling me that I can’t cancel it this says that it’s a Canadian store but it’s not their things come from China don’t shop on this site

John –

We ordered a toy for our granddaughter on April 8. We have not received it even though it says it shipped on April 13. I think its a Canadian company but the shipping says its being shipped from China on April 14. No further updates, even though I emailed them yesterday and was told they would put a rush on it. Her birthday is in 5 days, and I’m not hopeful it will arrive in time. Cost was $32.98, but I’m more concerned that we now have to purchase something else so she will have something to open on her birthday. I will never order from this company again.

Mandy –

I ordered a pair of girls shoes on march 20th and emailed them asking where they are a week ago and they said it was shipped, well my daughter has not received them…have you gotten any complaints drom this gidt shop? I think they are in Canada, but i know i will not order anything else from them ever.

Stefanie –

Victim Location 71282

Total money lost $49.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company does not ship the purchased items in a timely manner and will not allow you to cancel the order. They say you can return the merchandise if within 45 days of purchase. I have been in contact with them since one small item (rubber duck) of the order was received and I am always told the large item (interactive elephant) has been shipped. They provide a tracking link but it only says that the shipping arrangements have been made, nothing is showing actually shipped. The order was places on November 29. I have let them know that I would report them to you and they told me they did not appreciate threats.

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