Danielle – Sep 29, 2020

Victim Location 47906

Total money lost $118.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered CBD oil along with CBD Cream in a trial offer, which I had to pay shipping. When I checked my Credit card I was charged 118.88 and 85.00 From Muscle Strong which I have no idea what this is. Called my Credit Card Company and I have to prove that this is a scam because supposedly I agreed to have something sent monthly. The ad stated that it was endorsed by Blake Shelton. I hope no one else gets in this situatuon.

Jason – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 92592

Total money lost $203.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offer made by this entity on Facebook offering 2 CBD products for only S&H charge of 14.76.Amount charge to my debit card. Received items in plan bag with no other bills, message or anything. On 09/02/2020 while reviewing my account for pension check receipt there were two charges for 85.00 and 118.88 for products. When I contacted them they told me I had signed contract with them and that that I was liable for continued billings. If I wanted to refund product, they would refund minus 20 percent, which I refused. I called again, got a different representative who hung up on me. My credit union was notified.. On 09/11/2020, complaint filed with FTC (#*********) I called this company and had a lengthy conversation with Supervisor named Charlie. Advised him complaint had been filed with FTC and asked that monies be returned. He then again offered refund with 20 percent less and that I had to respond by Tuesday, 09/15/2020 or offer would be rescinded. I asked for copy of initial which was no longer on FB and for company name and address and he professed to have knowledge of either CEO’s name or any other information and refused to send me anything because it was up to me to supply

information. It took awhile before he conceded and gave me name of company as Green CBD in El Monte CA. Today I again called FTC and added addendum to my report with a representative named Robbie. I also emailed my credit union with all the additional data. On perusing the site, there are 2 reviews with my exact issue written on your site. The company also doe not have endorsement. I want to be sure companies such as these are sanctioned for misrepresentation and I am requesting that you follow-up on this complaint. Several years ago, an incident such as this happened to me so when I took offer, I was very thorough in checking it,, which by the way, came under the endorsement of Snoop Dogg. I am also filing a complaint with the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and any other media outlet available. At 85 years of age, I felt intimidated and needless to say, I am angry that these things can happen and will press on for the protection of other consumers. Sorry I can’t attach image, took photo but don’t know how to download.

Thank You.

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