GEF Program

Jay – Feb 08, 2021

They got my name my mother’s maiden name my mom’s name my address where I live what gender am I they got all my information

Patricia – Feb 08, 2021

This guy named Paul Kaufman an old friend of mine came from nowhere and seen him in years and all of a sudden he said he had something for me to look at and it was something that they would give me money I’m at my front door and I gave him my information and I got screwed I knew I’d I told my wife is supposed to scam don’t go for at that guy’s it’s not even your friend it’s not they posed as your friend I’ve known them for years and all of a sudden he shows up they scammed me what do I do to protect myself

Marvin – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 76309

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a message through Facebook messenger from a friend saying that she recently signed up and got money from a program called GEF. She told me that they are giving people $100,000 for their business or personal use. She told me that I should call this agent and sign up to get money as well. I think her account was hacked.

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  1. I also got a message from messenger saying it’s my cousin and she received grant money it was from a name Sharon Mark the picture was a man with the government this has to be a scam. Be careful

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