G-Mail Customer Service

Philip – Sep 19, 2020

Type of a scam Tech Support

Looking for help with my g-mail account, so I found a phone # that I thought was with associated with g-mail on google, but they were not with them, they offered to help over the phone, they asked if they could enter into my computer, so I said yes, thinking they were, there to help me, it was not until they were inside my computer, that they said they could help me, but it would cost $150.00 or so, at that point is when I said No and I finished the call and hung up, I took the laptop to a reliable computer place and had it cleaned the next day. I found this phone # on google, under customer service, I am a senior, that phone # should not have been there, I`m sure other people could easyly be mistaken as well, I managed to solve my intial problem, but how many other people could be scamed for hundreds of dollers

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