Steve – Feb 10, 2021

I will recommend green land pharmacy every day , very legitimate company and reliable

Lisa – Nov 18, 2020

Exactly the same experience as the previous complainant. Rang alarm bells when the airport they said my package was held at doesn’t open until 2026 and the supposed text from FedEx was full of grammatical and spelling errors. PayPal account they insisted money went to was [email protected]

Abigail – Nov 14, 2020

Scammer’s phone 917-580-5361

Scammer’s website Http://

Scammer’s address Cashapp to: Shelane Alexis Jenkins

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

I was horribly scammed by this Green land pharmacy for $240. It has been a nightmare. They conducted a very elaborate scheme to steal my $240. They even used a Fed Ex confirmation number that looked exactly like the real Fed Ex. These people were extraordinarily ruthless and cunning in a very sick demented way. These creeps knew exactly how to pray on trustworthy people, it has been such a horrible nightmare. I’m hoping that the Better Business Bureau will shut this racket down – no longer should predators like this be able to steal from honest people. I am going to leave all the information for everyone to see so that you are well aware how these snakes operate. If I can save one person the expense and headache of what was done to me, I would consider myself successful. My wish is that this dirty filthy operation be exposed and they are shut down immediately, once and for all – unable to scam another person ever again.

You can even see below, they sent me a text to try and shake me down for more money. Saying I needed to show prescriptions etc and give more money 400- 600 it’s nuts. I was out of my mind I should have known better.

in our care, while waiting for you to send a valid copy of your prescription. If you fail to send the document within the said 72 hours from now, we will have no choice but to hand over the issue the Feds. You can contact your sender for more information. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Vist link to track your package

Tracking number:FL82280997007

Thanks for usin

The numbers texted between all the scammers:

Email addresses; to cashapp; Shalane Alexis Jenkins ($teller120) $240.00. She stole my money.
Http:// Green land pharmacy

Thanks for your order use this information to track your order

Tracking code: FL82280997007

Please report these people! Authorities please get them!

Tanya – Nov 12, 2020

I paid them $190 and they refused to send me any tracking information after saying they would. I’m having to report them to my poor bank and if they agree that I’ve been scammed their insurance will cover it, what a bunch of creeps!

Devin – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 91304

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Will only allow you to buy thru pay pal family/friends where they can get your money right away you get no purchase protection. Once they get money, no product and no communication

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