Game Base Online

Maria – Feb 26, 2021

I ordered the PS5, paid $299, never got the product and they’re not returning emails or calls. I totally got Scammed.
Opened a claim with my bank, hopefully I’ll get my money back.

Alan – Feb 23, 2021

Bet the owner won’t drop they address ima see bout em

William – Feb 23, 2021

Ordered a ps5 on December 10 never got it I want a refund

Bonnie – Feb 08, 2021

Ordered a gaming system on Dec 9th. Never received items but they took my money through PayPal. Also the weblink that I purchased from no longer worked I reported to my bank and awaiting a decision.

Summer – Jan 21, 2021

I too bought ps5 paid 10 dollars for fast delivery on December 4 have received nothing,I have receit please tell me something if not I want a refund

Cara – Jan 19, 2021

I ordered a PS4 on December 11th and have not received it yet I was charged $15.00 for fast delivery I want what I paid for and the delivery charge refunded.

Roberto – Jan 09, 2021

B[censored] I swear to god if I don’t get my [censored] that I ordered off of here I’m going to report y’all’s [censored] foreals and the whole website if I don’t receive my ps4 I ordered

Mathew – Jan 04, 2021

Bought Xbox and never received it.

Kelly – Jan 03, 2021

I also ordered a ps4 and haven’t received it I give this site a 0 spread the word about this site before more people get scammed this is the type of stuff some people do to get money like what’s wrong with you your taking money away from families and that’s not right

Edwin – Jan 03, 2021

I ordered a PS4 console on 12-13-2020. I never received an email that this has shipped and I have not been able to find an email for them. I have filed a complaint with PayPal to get my money back hopefully. This is the first time I have been scammed and this made Christmas awful for my granddaughter!

Melody – Jan 03, 2021

I bought a PlayStation 5 from game base online. I didn’t realize it was a scam until all of my emails have been sent back to me and I was scammed out of $254.00. I used my debit I’m afraid they now have my info, and I don’t know hat to do can someone please help?

Philip – Dec 28, 2020

I also was taken for $254.95 for a PlayStation 5, on 12/16/20. I got confirmation from their website as well as PayPal. I didn’t realize it was a scam until the Company sent an email acknowledging the order and even though I paid for faster shipping, 12 days later, The item still hadn’t arrived. Instead this time I now saw a ton of Complaints from people in similar situations, Who were scammed by this company!S

Karen – Dec 28, 2020

I also was taken for $250 for a PlayStation 5 from this site. But the one I ordered off of was I got confirmation from their website as well as PayPal. I didn’t realize it was a scam until I still hadn’t received anything about when it was to be shipped. Went back to my Emails and tried to pull up site and it couldn’t be found. I just do happen to notice the same prices, info, and everything on another site. Being on disability and having a fixed income as well as going through Chemo Treatments, I was super pissed ppl were this cruel. Luckily I got all my money back. That chunk of change really really hurt! I will be a whole lot more careful now when ordering online!

Kurt – Dec 27, 2020

I ordered this for my son for christmas and never received it and he wasn’t able to get anything for Christmas I want my money back. I never thought I would be like this especially around the holidays. My son is 8 years old. I seen that and I decided but it for my son because he kept saying he wanted one but never thought that he would get his feelings hurt

Glenn – Dec 27, 2020

I ordered an xbox on 11/3020 and of course never received it. It seemed like I was paying through Paypal but it wasn’t. I have tried to file a claim with my bank and Paypal and both are saying they can’t help me! This is very frustrating. Can you help me get a refund? Thank you!

Jared – Dec 26, 2020

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I had purchased a Xbox one through this company. I had paid extra for expedited shipping. I have not received my item. I have tried to email them only to find out they provided a non working email.

Leah – Dec 26, 2020

I also ordered from gamebase.I got an email from them stating they received it with a confirmation number. They said it would be shipped as soon as they got paymemt. 259.99 was taken out of my account on Dec.7 2020 i never heard from them that it was being shipped.So i emailed them to see if it was and it said website not found.Red flag i got scammed first time ever😠 Thanks alot Bestfranchise from California or who ever u are. Very upsetting!

Tyler – Dec 24, 2020

I paid for two digital ps 5 paid through PayPal 494.90 I have not received anything I want my money back 😪 the transaction was supposed to be made from best franchise stores transaction #09jo4863e141781c

Misty – Dec 24, 2020

I got screwed as well for $359.00
I pray they burn in hell.

Adam – Dec 23, 2020

Ordered an Xbox one with Kinect from for $115.99.Seemed cheap but was refurbished and website looked legit. I looked topgames up but found nothing so I ordered.Received receipt but no shipping info. When I went to check website again the site was gone. Money had been paid from my account for a gaming After searching I found this page and realized I had been scammed. Luckily, I paid through PayPal and was able to receive a refund. Be careful and always trust your gut.

Roberto – Dec 26, 2020

How do you get a refund? I paid through PayPal also but as a guest though

Virginia – Dec 23, 2020

How do you get a refund? I paid with PayPal too

Diane –

Do not be taken for granted. This is a scam site. As I sit with a representative, I am writing this. Our family was taken for 120.99 for an xbox one with kinect. This was our 5 year olds “santa”present. And unfortunatly, we do not have the means to pay for another one.

Tasha –

Same as the many other people on here saw a ps4 for 100 and was like cool get that for my son for xmas and have conformation on purchase they took money out of my account and I haven’t received anything. If I could find these punk b[censored] I would beat them senseless.

Anne –

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered an Xbox bundle on December 3rd 2020 paid the extra fast delivery fee and … was sent my email receipt and showing it was confirmed and money was taking out of my account … never received it at all..
Want my money back !

Nicolas –

Ordered and was charged for a xbox one with 5/7 day shipping on December 11 and now cannot get any information other than the charge to my account. Is the main Christmas present for my son and now idk what to do..

Christian –

I ordered on December 5 a PlayStation5 and it said it would be here in 5 to 7 days and this is December 21 and I still have not received it they charge my credit card for $254 I want my money back or I want to merchandise but I need someone to call me back I feel like I have been robbed

Lee –

I seen a playstation for 100 so i decided to buy it for my kids who are in foster care for christmas. I haven’t been the best dad so i mu twins said they want one i buy it.. After buying it i website order some toys for lu daughter i got shipment info minutes later so i thought id email them nothing back. So i come online and see all the comments and now ik im to a victim. My last little momey man now wtf do i boys. I evem paid for rush delievery

Jack –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Searched PlayStation, the page looked official, very festive, great prices… submitting my order along with payment info, received confirmation of order, pending process until payment posted and paid extra shipping for fast delivery. Tried to contact PayPal seven days later, tried to contact game base franchise… redirected and disconnected! Contact bank immediately!

Jonathon –

This ordering website is still active! Complete Scam! Be hypersensitive, Be vigilante… Tell others! Too good to be true, it is! And for those that send out the use of words to prevail guilt over wanting to provide happiness, meaningful cheer in these COVID times, yes, we still want to hold onto magical moments! It’s enough to fall victim to a scam, and then to be berated by trolls !? Where is our Humanity and Decency

David –

Same thing. I ordered xbox. They took money out of my account. No xbox. I tried emaling and no response. I am handicapped and on disability ordered for my grandson.. one sickChristmas.

Ricky –

I was scammed out of my money on Dec6,2020. I order a PS4 and only thing. I keep seeing is your order process. May God continue to bless you people , out here taking people hard working money. No contact info at all. God Bless and have a merry Christmas, dirty people.

Carolyn –

I got scammed too did u ever got ur money back?

Mandy –

Had the same experience about payment was received and money was taken out. Never received any email saying ps5 being shipped or when so I emailed them. Email was returned because email address want found. Not sure what to do.

Hilary –

I ordered a PS5 and never got shipping confirmation of it at all. Took money and never received product! Would like immediate refund! I am pissed that this is a scam and people just steal other peoples money!

Sara –

Scammer’s phone 5705174896

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 8800 nagle ave arleta, CA 91331

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I was online looking for a PlayStation 5 for a gift and the website popped up and I figured since it was only a digital gaming that it was good. So went through on PayPal and I have not received anything. I tried calling and emailing and nothing. I’m very upset and just want my money back.

Gloria –

I bought an xbox one on dec 5 only got a receipt and paypal receipt this is so sad how they scamming people. I do hope they get how we treat others. Sad how they ripping people off would they like it done to them. It had good advertising such a good deal to be true right…

Erik –

Purchased xbox for child. Never received tracking info, only paypal receipt and email from the game base saying product is on hold until payment processed. Payment processes and Still nothing and now website gone. Need a refund immediately!

Anna –

I got scammed as well

Thanks for your order. It’s on-hold until we confirm that payment has been received. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of what you ordered:

[Order #WPGM3002300211024] (December 3, 2020)
Product Quantity Price
PlayStation 5 Digital Limit Edition 1 $239.95
Subtotal: $239.95
Shipping: $15.00 via Fast Shipping (4-7 Business Days Delivery)
Payment method: PayPal Checkout
Total: $254.95

Francisco –

Scammer’s phone 570-517-4896

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 8800 Nagle ave

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered 2 PS5 consoles to learn that I’ve been scammed, 1st & last time using PayPal, there giving me a hassle to get my $$ back yes got a email confirmation but I can not respond its a fake email! I HOPE THESE PPL GET CAUGHT AND DO THERE TIME!

Jesus –

I got scammed from same company on 12/12/20 & also could not reach the above contacts. I kept getting redirected. Buyer beware. If it looks too good to be true it is. Thank heavens I have a fraud investigator on this. I hope the scammers go to jail!

Kurt –

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Purchased a ps4 pro for my sons Christmas present. Received confirmation email but have not heard from them since. Website is gone any contact info in the email does not work and paid through PayPal. Am filing a dispute with PayPal and with bank and will be contacting attorney tomorrow! I work hard for my money and refuse to let some jerk steal it from me or the joy from my child.

Sandra –

Victim Location 45152

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a Playstation 5 Digital from these people under Game Base Online which they’ve taken down. The site above is the same with a Texas address rather than a California address. You feel safe buying from these people because they take PayPal but they will take your order and you’ll receive nothing. They keep changing the website name but the site looks the same…they keep moving it around. I’ve issued a complaint with PayPal and got a response saying the dispute had been closed. I had to file an appeal because I’d like a refund. In the past PayPal had had my back….not this time


Willie –

Ordered 2 ps5 this is fraud
Contacting attorney today

Darryl –

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This was fraud
Ordered 2 ps5, need credit card Immediately refunded and will be contacting my attorney this afternoon

Mitchell –

Scammer’s phone 570 517 4896

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, Ca, 91331

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered a PS 5. I received an email confirming my order. The next morning I emailed the address given for contact. That email was undeliverable. I tried calling the contact phone # several times. Always a busy signal. When I googled the company name I was led to this site. Upon reading all the cases of sales with no delivery I contacted PayPal. I filed a dispute with PayPal. The company name that PayPal has listed is not the same as what they use online. It is Best Franchise Store. They have until Dec 25th to respond. If anyone used PayPal and feel scammed file a dispute. I will keep posting updates to situation. Also, in the website’s shipping section it does state that it may take 1 to 5 months for product to reach it’s destination country. That is not on included in the timeframe for the original purchase. They also state in the terms of agreement that nobody reads that the buyer is responsible for any possible customs fees and duty charges. They are not included in purchase price. I am hoping they don’t respond.

Dane –

Order# wpgm3004300403298 did not receive it and paid extra for fast delivery! Will be filling a report i will not be taken advantage of! This is so terrible.

Geoffrey –

My name is Shanna Fortenberry I Order a Playstation 4 for my son on December 8 2020 haven’t heard anything from this company tryed emailing they company no response i just want my money back taking advantage of people is wrong especially when we got a pandemic going on

Adam –

Same thing happen to us not cool at all we ordered a xbox one

Kathleen –

Have not received order number Order #WPGM3003300301800] (December 1, 2020) Please notify me as soon as possible hope this is not a scam this is really sad during coronavirus taking advantage of people kids are suffering enough if it is a scam I will notify the police department

Trisha –

I still have not received my order placed on Order #WPGM3003300301800] (December 1, 2020) I hope and pray this is not a scam please notify me soon as possible it has been more than 12 days this is really sad these things are going on with the coronavirus people do not have this kind of money to just throw away please help

Nicholas –

I purchased a Sony PlayStation 4 1TB with Drive Club Jet Black, Extra Dual Shock 4 Controller on December 7th as a gift. I received a response confirmation from: [email protected] that the order was received and that the order was on hold “until we confirm that payment has been received.” Photo attached.
I also received an email from PayPal stating “You paid to Best Specialty Store” then it gives the purchase details including “Payment to: Best Specialty Store, [email protected]”. I have yet to have any type of correspondence from the company although they indicated 4 to 7 days. I have contacted my bank disputing the transactions during will do the same with PayPal. Unbelievable!

Pamela –

Hi this is Mercedes again, I think I had found the website where we both our gifts. It has a different name. Hope we can do something about this to get our money back. Here a picture!

Ebony –

Hi, I buy a PlayStation 5 on December 1st, and I been checking my email constantly and I haven’t got any from them.
I feel very sad because I’m a single mother and I been saving for a whole year for this to give my son the gift that his been wanting for and now I’m not going to have enough to give him a Christmas gift, my hard is broken because my son is going to be very sad.
I haven’t had much work this year because of the COV and is very sad that bad people is taking advantage of us!

Janelle –

I also got scammed I think. Ordered a PS4 last week and still have zero confirmation about my order. They charged my card, but I have no way to contact them.

Sandra –

Scammer’s phone 570-517-4896

Scammer’s address U.S. Warehouse Address: 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, California, 91331, USA

Scammer’s email!

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I purchased a game for my son, I’ve yet to hear anything from them, I called the number they provided but not in service, I just need my money back. I keep calling but no reply they scammed me knowing people struggling

Micheal –

Hello Phyllis J Sims,
You sent a payment of $254.95 USD to Best Franchise Store
([email protected])

You sent a payment of $254.95 USD to Best Franchise Store.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
Best Franchise Store
[email protected]
Instructions to merchant
You haven’t entered any instructions

Jacob –

Hey. Ordered a PS4 in November and it still hasn’t arrived.

Help! Have I been scammed?

Kelli –

How I can get my money back?

Ramon –

I also got scammed. I bought a PS4 pro from them to replace to one my nephew broke. I ordered it on December 5 and heard nothing from them. I tried emailing them but still nothing. What should I do?

Dennis –

Ordered a ps5 on 12/8. Should have known better due to the price being too good to be true. Tried to check on the status of my purchase today, and the website is gone.

In doing an online search I found this page and all of these stories from others who were scammed.

Tried calling the number found in other reports, and it just clicks off.

So disappointing that this company is taking advantage of folks who just want to give their kids a nice Christmas after a crappy year.

Roberto –

I also got scammed. Ordered a PS 5, got nothing

Kayla –

On the 29th I ordered a controller for my Fiance for Christmas. I paid 15 dollars for express shipping.. Today the 13th I got curious as to why I still haven’t received a tracking number. Well to my surprise there are hundreds of complaints on this website being fraudulent… The last email I received from them on the 30th says that they were waiting to process my items until proven payment.. cute how the money instantly left my account. And I paid via debit so I can’t just file a complaint with PayPal. So how am I supposed to get my money back?

Monique –

I ordered an xbox one S from them and waited a week..then checked my email and they sent me one saying my payment was processed along with my order. Well, that was on November 8th and still nothing. I filed a dispute with paypal so now I’m waiting to hear back from them. This site is a complete joke and I hope to god they find them.

Mandy –

I bought this PS5 on the 3rd of December and and the tracking number they sent me doesn’t exist . I even paid for the rush delivery so for sure it would have been here by now . I can’t get a response from any forum
of communication

Justin –

Scammer’s phone 570 Pennsylvania

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 8800 nagle Avenue california

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Order ps5 . Next day received shipment info in email. So I looked up my tracking number and it does not exist. I also emailed this person multiple times and no response. Looked it up the phone number is a Pennsylvania number and the warehouse address is someone’s home in california.

Anthony –

Ordered ps5 . Next day said it was shipped looked through all carriers of usa and my number does not exist. So I called my card filed a complaint and disputed it also got new card.

Alberto –

I order a PS5 from Game Base online on Dec 2 , 2020 and still have”nt received know email address to reply my kids will not enjoy there christmas if i only known it was a scam

Tammy –

I purchased ps5 November 28 and haven’t received the gaming system that should have been here by now. I have tried to call and I keep getting a message that no one can be reached at this number. the money has been taken out of my account, but no ps5. filing a fraud claim with my bank to get my money back and have this investigated. hope these low-down people are found and prosecuted to the fullest.

Maggie –

I purchased a Sony PlayStation4 and payed additional $15.00 for faster delivery on December 1, 2020. No product, no monies returned simply no word/no service. Saddest part is with recent challenges presented by Mr Covid-19 and monies being hard to come by this is disturbing, disappointing and downright criminal. I’m filing a report with the BBB as I’ve been advised.

Mark –

I also ordered the PS5 and had no idea this is a scam, there are no phone numbers, I paid via PayPal, and they are investigating and are refunding my money. If you paid through PayPal they will reimburse you, like every parent here, I ordered for my son and now his Christmas is ruined, I have been trying to find another one elsewhere and unfortunately I am nit able to find one.

Nikki –

Ordered a ps5 and a 4 received a message my funds had been received nothing further. Wow a scam I should’ve known.

Adam –

What did I just order? PayPal emailed me immediately saying payment went through. Email doesn’t work came back undeliverable, found this email on my receipt [email protected] and wrote to them. I’ll keep you updated on if they respond, please keep me updated if anyone receives the actual console. So livid right now!

Cassandra –

Contacted PayPal as soon as someone submitted to this site attempting to purchase games under my account and try reach site to put a hold wasnt me and no contact what so ever awaiting on PayPal

Carlos –

I cannot reach this company. They sent one reply that they have received my order but they have put it on hold until they are certain pay pal has released funds. Pay pal released the funds and rejected my complaint they stole my money for the PS 5.

Dustin –

I filed a claim as I too have been scammed 😞 But filed with PayPal there working on it
I just received an email from another source in China states they have shipped my order different Entity on the shipper but
Same order number? Now wondering if I’m
Getting a knock off ps5 from china?
Thought the source was in USA 😞 Now I’m stuck waiting on if it ever arrives and if I actually get a brick in a box or a fake ps5 that is all in foreign language and will give the seller a favorable review since they shipped something and not nothing. So then I have to open up another case against them for fake product!

Micheal –

Any updates ?

Kimberly –

Please let me know as soon as you get it if it’s a scam I got to try and find another PS5

Jerome –

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website Game base online

Scammer’s email Gamebaseonline

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a ps5 digital after I emailed them the website was taking done I have no way to contact them

Oscar –

I ordered a ps5 digital and I have no game or money to get my son that game there’s no way to get in touch with them I’m so hurt what am I can I tell my child I’m a single mother and I get Disabilty this is so sad I’m crying as I’m texting this hurt now they have my money is it any way I can get it back. Is it anyone I can talk to my name is kitty Scott my email is [email protected] please can someone hep me with this. I have the conformation in my email. Do any one know what I can do . My money is gone it’s no way I can even get him this ps5 now I’m so hirt

Autumn –

That’s not true. I filed a claim through pay pal and they gave me some reason to not refund my money and paid them. I have to write some address again and try to get my money back. I’m so sorry to hear of your hurt and loss because I too have been duped by this company.

Joel –

If you paid through pay pal contact them because they can get your money back for you. I hope this helps. Single Mom Club.

Jon –

If you paid through PayPal then you can file a claim and you will get a full refund

Rose –

I placed an order for a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch on December 5, 2020. I had a feeling this company is a scam so I’ve tried calling them and emailing them with no success. My emails get returned with “Address not found” and when I call I get a Verizon Wireless recording saying the party is unavailable. I’ve filed a dispute claim with PayPal.

Crystal –

My lady and I both ordered ps5 from this site and we both were bamboozled! I initially was hesitant due to the reduced price at a product in such high demand however, the site had the official lock emblem and let’s face it our kids #1 request for Christmas and someone is out here robbing people and I am irritated! These people need to be charged and sued and everyone that has been affected should get their money returned ASAP!

Alexander –

I made a claim with my bank and they gonna investigate all this hope they shut down this website or go after who ever is behind all this

Seth –

I ordered a PS4 from gamebase online & paid by PayPal and chose 3 payment plan. The first payment went out & the next one due December 21st. I haven’t had any luck trying to dispute this with PayPal yet. I didn’t realise it was a scam unti I emailed the company & obviously the email bounced back as mailer daemon so checked on here.

Phillip –

You serious

Paula –

Scammer’s phone 5705174896

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address : 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, California, 91331, USA

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United Kingdom

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Email

Never Received

Richard –

I order one too but when I saw your review I call my bank and they did a claim hopefully they get this busters in jail

Garrett –

They have taken my money and ruined my children’s Christmas. What a bunch of nasty pieces of [censored]. I’m absolutely furious. How is it in the top google listings when you put in PS5 how are they not taken off yet?

Jillian –

Smh that is sad, I almost ordered two I should have know a sale on such a wanted product should have been a red flag but they got me as well. Thankfully USAA credit my account as they investigate!

Cara –

When you order it

Susan –

Yep this site is bull[censored] ! Ordered 2 ps5s also sent the site to friends who did as well! I have reported this to many scam sites including the US site for cyber crime/scams ! Flagged my credit card! They are using about 5 different pngages! I contacted PayPal the night I ordered the product an got to thinking about it an realized a lot didn’t add up. They said they would watch from their end. Below is some of my conversation with PayPal .

Christie –

Ordered a xboxone 13/11/20 and still not received it emailed address available but had no reply! I’m hoping PayPal will refund me as I can’t afford to pay out for another console for Christmas

Natalie –

Thankfully I have now won my dispute and PayPal are refunding me my money

Pedro –

Fake site ordered a ps4 pro and never been delivered.

Anna –

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Fake products. I’m so pissed. I should’ve looked into it more but it had the the secure lock on the site so I thought it was okay

Desiree –

Dammit they’ve now changed websites to I knew something was up when the phone number for the contact us didn’t work.

Jeffrey –

I have used this website and been ripped off. I don’t understand how it’s still running after everyone has been scammed. The website has now vanished but my money is gone

Luke –

Country United Kingdom

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Looks like a we have been scammed as well gamebase are like toilet bugs feeding on peoples emotions parents find it hard to complete their Childs dreams and this company is disingenuous were does all of are payments go to surly banks can trace these people and close accounts and refund us mugs hope COVID rips through this company and there family’s

Nicolas –

Has anyone had a y success getting there money back from PayPal ?

Tommy –

I’ve received a full refund

Gerald –

I have just had the same experience with this bluddy company …I’m bluddy so upset I I orded a digital playstation 5 and received a payment confirmation from PayPal but nothing from these con artists and like some other people the email Address dose exist and we also have no delivery information or any confirmation info from gamebase online …so disappointing when this was a Christmas present for my boy …Also I filed a complaint with PayPal ,And thay say I’m will no anything until December 1 😔

Russell –

I feel you, I’m sick to my stomach, it’s the only thing my boy wanted and when I found this he was so happy, now hes shattered. My heart us broken for him.

Allen –

My partner bought a PS4 console for our Granddaughter for Christmas, had a reply saying order confirmed, we paid by PayPal but it looks like we have been scammed too…ive sent 2 emails to address but have come back as address not found…So bloody angry..

Grant –

Hi this is the proper email address they are using my mum has been scammed too [email protected]

Alisha –

I ordered a refurbished Nintendo Switch and payed it using PayPal and got a cheap phone case instead. When contacting vendor, their reply was order was shipped and delivered. Really?
Stay away from this site!

Curtis –

Call your bank and they will make a claim and refund your money

Theresa –

How do I refund my money back

Keri –

Same thing happened to me ordered a ps4 got a phone case today wtf ty PayPal now u will pay im reporting all game base is a scam!

Christine –

This photo show you I’m order PlayStation 5 but yes I’m got scammed yesterday

Jose –

Did you ever get your ps5

Anne –

I’m was scammed yesterday by this website

Christine –

Same exact scam, and I thought I knew better AAAHHH! Any “Franchise” selling PS5 for $239.00-$249.00 Is a SCAM!

Phillip –

I see you are saying you got scammed by this website and i see you are from UK just to make you aware the ps5 console doesn’t release here till 19th November 2020, i see you used PayPal to pay and what you need to do is raise a dispute with PayPal

Mark –

On July 23 2020, I purchased an Nintendo Switch from Game Base Online. The electronic receipt showed the payment as completed with my master card however the receipt also indicated by statement further will show the payment as pay pal. I had not selected pay pal for is payment and have not received the item paid for. Please reference the attached receipt.

Latoya –

Victim Location 65202

Total money lost $114.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase is a fake website offering to sell items by getting money and never sending. Accidentally made a purchase from here and had to immediately contact to cancel payment as the emails, phone number, website, reviews, and shipping # have all been fake.

Candice –

I had the same thing happen to me. I did not pay with paypal either. So I contacted paypal and they are investigating it. If they don’t get a response by Dec 16, 2020 they will refund my money. Try contacting them.

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