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Calvin – Jan 26, 2021

I i ordered the foot bath. It took about a month to get here (it looked like it would be from here in the states but it came from China). The package was severely damaged. I contacted the company to get a refund. I sent it back with a tracking number. After they received it, they claimed they had “technical issues ” and wouldn’t be refunding my money. I had to go make a dispute at my bank. It took almost 3 months from my order to my refund.

Vanessa – Dec 19, 2020

Made a purchase of Ionic foot bath and just noticed I was charged $12.99 this last month and in September. I made my purchase last spring. I will contact the number on my bank statement and see what happen. If no response will ask bank to deny any other charges or get a new card. Very disappointed that a company would do this. And yes it came from.HONG KONG, not made in Arizona!

Nichole – Dec 14, 2020

i ordered the foot bath and nothing else it came fine but i am now wondering
why they keep taking 15.99 out of my account for the last 2 months. i had to call the bank and get a new card i e m,ailed gear elevation and told them to stop but got no reply

Bruce – Nov 06, 2020

I purchased a Ionic Pro Footbath, April19,2020, Idid not receive the product until August 10, 2020. For 3 months I was in consant contact with GearElevation. When delivered product the box itiwas in was torn up. My product never worked. Contact company and I was asked to do a video, after several tries, and they could not see the tape…I decided to make the product bact to them in Arizona. Now they want me to provide a tracking number, before they let me know they received the return. I feel like its more runaround.
If I dont have tracking number I lose my $159.00. This company is definetly a scam, fraud, theivery. They took advantage of people during this pandemic. Its really wicked!

Rebekah – Sep 08, 2020

I too was a victim of this company. They began charging my credit card monthly for a “Gold Membership” that they said I signed up for. I have no recollection of this whatsoever. It’s a very deceptive business practice. I talked to a customer service rep and she indicated it was for receiving steep discount information on products. I receive 1 email regarding so called steep discounts on guess what? The very foot detox unit I purchased. Please use social media and encourage people not to buy from this product. Also if you read the fine print in the product packaging information it says the actual ionic unit will expire after 30-50 treatments. Did you know that when you purchased?

Devon – Sep 08, 2020

THIS COMPANY IS VERY DECEPTIVE! I bought 2 of their foot detox units and finally arrived after waiting for 2 months. What’s deceptive is how they began charging my credit card each month for $12.47 for so called Gold Membership! CAVEAT EMPTOR- BUYER BEWARE. It was not obvious to me that this company was going to begin charging my credit card monthly. I would suggest that you don’t buy from this company. Their business practices are DECEPTIVE!

Alana – Aug 29, 2020

I did not receive my entire product after waiting 2 mths

Patrick – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 33801

Total money lost $161.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a Ionic foot bath massager from this company on 6/22/2020, for the amount of $161.50. The site said that their products are all manufactured in the US and their warehouse was in AZ (Google showed the address they listed on their site was to a AZ mail store, NOT a warehouse. This was found out after waiting months for my product). While I was assured the timeframe to recoeve what I ordered would take 3-4 weeks based on COVID-19, I was fine with that. But no emails with tracking was sent to me until a month later. When I clicked on the tracking number in the email, it showed coming from CHINA, and it wasn’t until 7/23/2020 it was received stateside! When I looked at with my tracking number, I noticed it showed "small packets". Unless the foot bath was a sectional to massage each toe, I would’ve thought it would be a BOX! Nonetheless, USPS to this day, is still holding the package, and I noticed there’s people being scammed with "brushing" scams (people buy products, somehow the take the buyer’s info to post reviews, to dupe the next person, while sending the purchaser "seeds"). This company is without a doubt a SCAM.

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