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Kenneth – Feb 09, 2021

I received a call today from a processor trying to serve my grandmother for a civil law suit. He gave me a number for me to contact Karla Gómez or Aarón Ava.
Karla was actually nice/ not pushy and she provided my grandmas information and confirmed all the info. They also had all of MY information. Eveything sounded legit since they were not asking for information. The thing is that my grandma has never worked and wouldn’t have been able to open a credit card under her name. My grandmother had agreed to pay. And then they sent an email for her to sign and pay I googled the information and it’s nothing but scam. I told them I would hire and attorney if needed. Aaron called me very rude threatening me to share my social security.

Lance – Jan 24, 2021

I received several calls from a man named Robert Martinez … I spoke with him and he said his name is Aaron Martinez (rRed Flag). He knew my entire SSN, where I have lived, accounts I had and basically, too much. He then said I owed $1,975.46 in a HSBC Card. I told him I never dealt with HSBC. He then became aggressive and told me I was being sued and if I didn’t pay something at that moment, as a Good Faith payment, they were going to take it from my bank accounts. We got into a spat, which was another Red Flag, hr then hung up on me. He called back to apologize and proceeded to try and scam me. Beware!

Ann – Jan 22, 2021

I received a call from them 2 weeks ago because they got a hold of my sister they knew my address and were threating me to take me to court. The lady spoke to me about a debt I owed back in 2005 I look at my credit reviews and is closed my account . What I’m pissed about is that I did give them info on my bank account because I was scared to get sued! Or even go to court for something that happend years ago! They were supposed to start taking the money from my account Now that I’m seeing these reviews I do not wanna get scammed what should I do ? I don’t want money taken From my account from them

Chase – Jan 24, 2021

You call your bank because they’re covered …Fraud Protection…and put a stop in payments that are being taken out. You must block or cancel your credit card…the bank will reissue a you a new one them to the banks Fraud Activity Department. Also, call the 3 credit bureaus and put them on Freeze…obviously they have your SSN…they have mine and this is what I did. Report them to the police department in your town… if the take money out if your account, you must file a police report. Good luck.

Theresa – Dec 04, 2020

This company call my work and spoke to my HR about mw getting sue. They said they need to serve me when I called the number they told me the original debt they are suing me for is from 2014. I asked them to not contact my job and they said they would serve me at my job because they didn’t had my current address.
I didn’t give it to them. After o asked them to not call my job they threatened me with serving me at my job. That phone call was at 1:30 on 12/04/2020

Susan – Oct 20, 2020

This so called company somehow got a hold of my name and literally all my information including relatives and phone numbers, even addresses. This company also has my social security number. For the last few weeks they have relentlessly stalked my children, my mother and anyone else they can link to me – telling them that they are trying to find me to serve court documents. I called them back and spoke to a very harsh man who told me that I opened a credit card in 2007 and never paid the bills for it and now they were taking me to court (mind you through a court in another county from the one in which I live). I explained that I never had such credit card and the man told me that I was not a responsible person for not paying my bills and I was being sued and went on to say that I would be responsible for over three thousand dollars in court and legal fees. I finally got p’d off and told the guy look I don’t know anything about a credit card in 2007 that I didn’t pay for and you are stalking and harrassing my family and you need to stop. I told the man I was calling the BBB and my attorney and would in turn file suit against them at which point the man became extremely beligerant with me and hung up. Here we are a week later and they are still calling each person inter related to me saying they are serving papers and calling me as well. I’ve told them serve me if you are going to serve me and they hang up and no one ever shows up at my door. I don’t know how I was targetted or what I can do to stop this because it has caused not only fear in me but my mother and the rest of my family as well that some weirdos have literally all of our information. I never gave them money but the more I say serve me or let it go to the answering machine or voice mail on my phone – THE MORE THEY CALL! HELP. I feel I’m not only being harrassed by a scammer but stalked as well.

Beth – Oct 16, 2020

Just got a call saying I owed $1877.65 and if it went into litigation would run over $5000.00 with court and lawyer fees, they were willing settle for $877.65 and sent me a contract to sign with my CC info, I told him I would take care of it over the weekend he insisted so I said give me 15 minutes to go in my house and I will call you back, googled Gibbs Callahan litigation group and bam its a scam.

Randall – Oct 09, 2020

These guys called me and said they were serving papers but obviously they couldn’t find me or so they said. What freaked me out is that they had my social and my address but they were very pushy and started to argue with me about making a payment and after reading the reviews I’m glad that I didn’t give them my bank or my credit card number

Jessie – Oct 09, 2020

They called everyone in my family. I had to have those phone conversations with all of my family, tell them it’s a scam and to just hang up. After calling my family, they called me. **All of this is done on purpose to create fear, they want to scare you! They said they have been trying to get ahold of me to serve me papers, basically a bunch of B.S. Asked me to verify my address and Social security number, I said for what? They said, so they know they are discussing this with the right person, that they can only discuss the case with the person whose name is on the case. I asked them to provide me their business name, they said “Gibbs and Callahan” I asked for their business license number and they hung up on me. TOTAL SCAM!
I have really good credit, lived at the same address for years, have had the same phone number for 20+ years, I do not owe anyone money, check my credit report daily, have a 750 credit score and I definitely do not have a warrant out for my arrest I work in Criminal Justice for our Government.

Theresa – Oct 09, 2020

We recieved numerous calls from this number we dodged them because they had both of our social security numbers but used my wrong middle name, wrong birthdate at this point i realized it was a scam. So i called them a lady answered and i repeated the name gibbs and calahan she said yes. Now mind they were trying to reach my husband, but he left a message on my phone a Mr. Martinze. was put on hold the firsf time. Second attempt hung up on. The third attempt the same spanish speaking woman was the receptionist and secetary. She told me she could only speak to my husband . I told her through her constant talking that the FCC was also on the line, she quickly said you do not have my permission to tape me. I said well what is this all about, she kept saying i cant talk to me. I said than stop calling this number, i said okay Mr. Jones have you had enough time to trace the call. She cursed af me i told her go f off stop calling people they have been caught she hung up on me. To this date the number does not answer.
My bank has been alerted to watch out for any large amounts coming out of my account we are to be called for any transactions to our account. What is our world coming to. Just educate yourself no legit company will give false information. Call FCC and go on the internet put in the phone number it will give u all the information you need.

Alexis – Oct 08, 2020

Scammer’s phone 833-577-1076

Country United States

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Phone

These people are horrible! My daughter received a call from This business asking to seek to me. They said they went to my place of employment to serve me papers and I wasn’t there. The rep Nathan Jones and a James Anderson both cursed me saying I owe Credit One Credit Card from 2007. Then I told them how I just paid all my bills off and that was one of the bills I paid. Then he changed the name of the credit Card to Capital One. They told me I need to pay my bills and quit being a bum that I am living the America way but not paying my bills.
I tried to ask simple questions and he wouldn’t answer questions and said thinks like they are suing me and their not a debt collector. They contacted my HR lady today saying they are bringing the paperwork out today but guess what, they never showed with any paperwork o Sue me today. I called this afternoon to find out why they never came to bring the paperwork.? I asked what county and State this was filed in and he cursed me again and laughed at me saying I need to pay my bills. He said I am probing for information. I said yes because you’re scammers. He yelled a few other things and hung up on me. That doesn’t sound legitimate to me

Arthur – Oct 03, 2020

So this company had called and said they were serving me papers and putting a lien against my truck or house if I didn’t call Them back. I freaked out and now reading this, I am worried because they have already taken 1,000 from me. I am going to call and cancel my debit card. Does anyone know how to report or what we can do?

Tyrone – Oct 09, 2020

The guy who called me was Mr. Martinez. His secetary and receptionist were one in the same. The government worries about China hacking us what about these fools

Larry – Oct 07, 2020

Get a lawyer and sue them they are scammers they sent people to my job to take me to court they are crazy people. He cursed me out to. The guy named Ray Castelo he was harassing me.

Marcus – Sep 29, 2020

Just called my mother and I don’t know anyone. Why call and not send the letter. If these people continue to call I am going to seek legal counsel

Bethany – Sep 10, 2020

On September 9, 2020 my mother received a call from this number(833-498-1223) asking for me and my whereabouts. My mother stated that i did not live there, my mother said the guy told her that i gave him her number to contact me. My mother again informed him that i did not live there. My mom stated the guy was rude and pushy with questions, but never informed my mother of who he was . So my mom hung up. The next day on the 10th,another guy calls and ask to speak with me, my mother is agitated and once again told them i do not live there so please stop calling this number. So this guy tells my mother if you do hear from her give her this number and case number. Then hangs up. These people are unprofessional and should be out of business!

Ruth – Sep 02, 2020

I received notification from my brother who lives in the Virgin Islands, saying someone from this company called and said they needed to deliver documents to me. Then my son got the call, then today another call, right after my landlord texted me to tell me she also got the call. I phoned them at the number they left 833-498-1223 and the supposed case file# they gave. I told them why are you not sending me a written notification of this supposed debt, which by the way is a debt from a company I have never had any dealings with. It is not a legit debt. I spoke to a a VERY RUDE guy, who cussed me, told me to shut up. He told me to stop calling them… LOL I wanted to speak to a supervisor, I was not going to allow him to speak to me like this, especially when I didn’t even have a debt. It is FRAUD>.. They need to loose their jobs, and this company needs to be out out of business!

Keri – Oct 07, 2020

OMG he called me a b[censored] he said was sending people to my job they already did sont know how they got my information I’m so pissed right now

Jaclyn – Sep 02, 2020

Scammer’s phone 83349871224

Scammer’s website GC Litigations

Country United States

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial means of contact Phone

Calling me for an overdraft fees from a bank that i donot bank with at all. How ridiculous is this. Trying to get my social# and use it against me to get to my real money. How transparent can you be. This company needs to held accountable for everythingh they do. To invilve your family memebers inbto scaring them to give up info. about you that is just down right ruuude! Report GIBBS CALLAHAN LITIGATIONS for fraud and scamming you.

Justin – Oct 07, 2020


Alison – Sep 02, 2020

I received a phone call from my daughter this morning about someone trying to reach me about a situation. When i called this particular number which is 833-498-1224 someone asked me for a reference #. She then told me i have an outstanding balance with a bank. I have no outstanding anything with from 2007- 2011. I am not going to entertain people who try to pry on me or my family members. I know this is a scam and i will not tolerate this! I wasn’t born yesterday! For someone to interrupt the lives of innocent people trying to make a decent living and living in this pandemic trying to stay safe and some of us are out of a job , with nothing else better to do with themselves can stoop so low to attack innocent people! Get a life and stop harassing me and other people who have become a target due to your lack of decency and respect. GIBBS CALLAHAN LITIGATIONS should be held responsible for their actions and stop trying to steal our consumers protection law. They need to be penalized for all they are doing. GC Litigation should be ashamed of theirselves and the people who have had to train comprehensively to call me and threaten me with this @@@%%% crap. I’m going to pray for y’all GC Litigation y’all don’t know who is goverened over my life and my family and he will not stand for it you see i put it in his hands and he is going to take care of it. Y’all better stop what your doing to people! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!

Troy – Sep 02, 2020

Scammer’s phone 833-498-1224

Country United States

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial means of contact Phone

I received a phone call from a Private number this morning pertaining to my mother. Supposedly she owes some financial institution, the individual could not even tell me what the amount was for. I know for a fact that my mother has not banked with any other bank than the one she banks with now. Its been yearssss.They have the family information, my address and even called my father in El Paso, TX to put him in on the bribe. This is insane! We demand to have them prosecuted, voicing threats and timely demands, Like, are you serious. This has to stop. Its scary. Not sure who will pop up at my address they spoke of. Geez Louise, HELP!

Miguel – Sep 02, 2020

I received a phone call from a Private number this morning pertaining to my mother. Supposedly she owes some financial institution, the individual could not even tell me what the amount was for. I know for a fact that my mother has not banked with any other bank than the one she banks with now. Its been yearssss.They have the family information, my address and even called my father in El Paso, TX to put him in on the bribe. This is insane! We demand to have them prosecuted, voicing threats and timely demands, Like, are you serious. This has to stop. Its scary. Not sure who will pop up at my address they spoke of. Geez Louise, HELP!

Kate – Sep 01, 2020

Scammer’s phone 833-498-1224

Country United States

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial means of contact Phone

This number keeps attempting to contact me through my cell phone as well as friends and family stating that they need to serve me papers. I do not have any outstanding debts and I will not be returning their calls. After researching this number I see that this is a SCAM COMPANY that attempts to get you to admit to debts through harassment and then they obtain your banking information and hack you account to steal your funds. They need to be jailed for their predatory practices.

Cassie – Aug 31, 2020

I have been getting calls from this number going on almost a year. They have called my job as well stating it is a process server and need to serve documents that were unable to be delivered. They have my address and my employers address. So I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t answer anymore so they started calling from a restricted line. When I picked up and heard the same [censored], I hung up. He started blowing up my phone. THEN he called my neighbors! I also got an email from a previous employer that they called and left a message on their voice mail, as well as having a voice mail at my current job from over the weekend. This is ridiculous. I have never heard of a collections company doing this! Since my student loans are paid, I do not have any current debt. Anything they are calling about has to be decades old. This is harassment! But I have no idea how to get it to stop, but I will figure it out 🙁

Edward – Aug 31, 2020

I filed a complain against this company with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I strongly encourage anyone else being harassed by them to do the same!

Audrey –

I received a call from an unknow number and they said we owe citibank $2300
and after I hung up I received a text message to call 833-478-0296
when called them they said I owe citibank 10 years ago and citibank is demanding that
money now,

Anne –

recieved a call stateing that legal papers were trying to be served to me at a former address that I lived at. They had the last of my social an old debt that I had not paid and said they were taking me to court. We went back and fourth and we finalzied on a amount that they would take to payy off the debt in full. They sent over paid in full letter as well as a legit legal doc u sign paper. the next day my account was being hacked people taking out money and sending wire transers and money grams from my account. I know this wS THEM AS i CANNOT REACH ANYONE FROM THE NUMBER THAT THEY CALLED ME ON… I WANT THESE PEOPLE ARRESTED AS THEY STOLE 2500.00 FROM MY ACCOUNT

Lydia –

Me too get a lawyer I’m dyeing them too they sent people to my job trying to serve me papers.

Victoria –

Scammer’s phone 8339722520

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Phone

My ex wife received a call stating that she and I was involved in a payday loan from about 6-10 years ago. I called them back and a woman who didn’t identify herself stated that I needed a claim no for her to continue. I gave the claim no she gave my ex and she started sharing that I took out a payday loan in the past. I gave her my address (which I shouldn’t have) and she stated she would send the court documents to my address. I forgot I already have an attorney on retainer so I called her back to share with her that my attorney want her information. She began to be extremely nasty on the phone and stated i should’ve said that the first time, and hung up the phone. What type of customer service / office coordinator operates in this manner. This was clearly unacceptable and she needs to be dealt with.

Marvin –

Victim Location 45204

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call which stated my name, the last four digits of my social and indicated that they were with the county clerks office and looking to serve legal documents to my mother-in-law regarding a civil matter. They provided both incorrect and correct data, including birthdates, auto information, and property addresses. The number came through as "unknown", but they provided a number to call back 1-888-373-7870. They threatened that if they were not contacted immediately they would assume the address and information was accurate. When the call was returned, they indicated that they were with GC litigation group. They accused her of owing a debt on a car that she had no record or knowledge. When I questioned whether it was a scam they referenced me to website.

Jill –

Victim Location 60649

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, my husband recieved a phone call from a company called the Legal Group. The person who left the message (Eve) stated that my husband was involved in an important legal matter. She stated that they had been attempting to serve him with papers at 2 different addresses, one of which is our current address. She left their number 866-538-3606 and a case number of 5070. She ended with stating he had been served. I contacted the number they left and the woman that answered the phone answered with Legal Department. Acting as my husband, I informed her that I had gotten a call from this number. She then asked if I had a case and for the last 4 numbers of my husband’s social security number, which I provided and she proceeded to place me on hold. A man then came on the phone and asked me if it was Dennis Davis he was speaking with and informed me that this was a legal matter and the call was being recorded and could be used in a court of law. I affirmed and he went on to ask me for the case number. I provided the case number again and asked what this matter was concerning. He then told me that they had been attempting to serve my husband and asked about my addresses, one of which was an old address and then he rattled off my current address. He then repeated back my husbands social security number, asked about who another person was to which as acting as my husband I responded as my wife. He then asked if she went by the last name Sanchez, which raised a red flag, when I responded no. Then he asked if my husband filed taxes. He then in a hushed tone repeated the name correctly. After that I again asked what the matter was concerning and he placed me on hold and told me they don’t usually discuss the case with the individual after it has gone to service for litigation, however he would pull the file. He placed me on hold, when he returned, he informed me that my husband allegedly had a credit card in 2002 from Providian and since they had been sold to JP Morgan Chase, that Chase was now collecting on those contracts. He stated that he had the contract in front of him that my husband allegedly signed with this credit card company and that the reason it was going to litigation was because my husband had allegedly been paying the credit card bill, stopped and breached the contract. I thought it was odd for a credit card company, even after being sold to come after someone after 17 years, however, I allowed him to continue. I asked how much was owed for this debt? He did not inform me of the actual amount owed on the card, but instead told me that after years of accrual, my husband owed $1998.46, another $2500 for filing, court, contract and litigation fees, $685 for serving fees (somewhere about), for a total of $5548.46. As he rattled off these numbers, he spoke so fast, it was difficult to obtain all of the numbers correctly, however the first 2 are definitely accurate. I then stated, I don’t recall paying any money to Providian, which he kept insisting had been done or it would not be going to litigation. I accepted what he was saying and he asked if I had more questions and he then told me they would see me (my husband) in court. I called the office back to obtain the official company/legal firm name and the girl that answered with Legal Department. I asked for the company name. She asked if I had a case number. I told her I did not, however I needed the company name. She provided a name, however she said it so fast that I had to ask her 4 times to repeat the name. Eventually, I asked her to slowly provide the name of the company, to which she replied, "I’ve given it to you!" I asked her to repeat it once more, slowly, and she stated the company name was Gibbs & Callahan Litigation Group. I said, "OK" and ended the call. Still not satisfied, I called again. This time a man answered and said his name was Chris. He asked if I had a case number. I told him I did not, however I wanted to know where they were located. He said they were in Long Beach, California but had offices all over. I asked if they had an oice in Chicago, he said they had an office in Cook. I asked the company name again and very quickly he gave a name. I once again had to ask about 3 or 4 times what the name was and asked him to slow down. He then became beligerent and aggresively told me to slow down. He then gave the company name of GC Litigation Group and hung up the phone. I waited and called again to see if the name continued to change. On the 4th call, the phone was answered with Litigation Group and on the final call of the day, the girl picked up, provided her name, Christine and called the company Legal Group. I again waited and called at 6AM this morning to see if there was a voicemail that provided the company name. There was a voicemail, but all it said was Legal Department. I don’t know of any company that does not provide a name on it’s voicemail. There are too many red flags with this alleged company. I did a Google search and a Gibbs Law Group came up in Oakland, California, however their practice focuses on the consumers protection, not the company. I put in GC Litigation, nothing. I then put in Legal Group, still nothing, which leads me to the belief that this is a fraudlent company attemting not only to steal money, but identity as well.

Carrie –

Victim Location 07621

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Wanted to collect money stating we will be served in court for car

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