Global Financial Services

Martha – May 07, 2020

Victim Location 48187

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I’ve received over 40 calls from this group in the past week. Not only do they call my cell phone, they call family members and my office phone and threaten they have a lawsuit pending against me. I have no outstanding cases debts, I just went through a bankruptcy, I know what i have. I called back and asked for it in writing what they were calling about. They said they would email me the debt validation letter, I agreed so that I could see "who" they were. Further investigation shows, they can be pretty convincing, but it’s not a legitimate Debt Collector. Website is fake, address is a UPS store in Georgia. What worries me is they have the last 4 numbers of my social security number.

Terry –

Victim Location 43055

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Global Financial Services called with a file number, wanted me to call them right back. The message said something about papers being served.

Lauren –

Victim Location 10968

Type of a scam Phishing

Who ever this is has been calling me on my home phone and cell phone for around two years The calls come from different numbers and show up as from different states. It does not help to block there calls. Someday numbers are: 877 4367163. 201464 9713. 877 436 7163. 855 204 2471. 845 521 9189. 201 351 7882 918 932 0259 917 905 7558. 617932 0259. 585. 866 4487. 346. 816. 4265. 202. 539 7815. There are more and they called me five times today. They leave basically the same message threatening that if I do not call them back at a different number they wii track me down at my home or business. They threaten they will serve me papers, but have not. The call that came in today from 201 464 8979 left me a non sensible phone number to call their information service the number was. 4billion three hundred twenty million. Etc. Can anybody stop this……?.

Seth –

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My current spouse & I had been staying with our in-laws for quiet some time and things have been going extremely well so we had decided to go looking for a place together renting was out of the question because it was too expensive and in the end wouldn’t have been worth paying some of the rent prices so I had taken it upon myself to search for loan options. I had just been discharged from Bankruptcy so your traditional methods of getting a loan were really next to nil so in a desperate attempt to find a place for us to start our own life I opted to start looking online for alternative lenders. I was approached by this Rachel W*** via email first she had advised me that I had been approved for a loan of 80000$ which would have covered the cost of not only the home we were looking at but some renos as well. I was initially skeptical and I guess I should have followed my better judgement but I went against my gut because I was so excited that I was approved and followed the steps that Rachel had provided to me including a contract that seemed legitimate. She advised me that as per the lenders agreement there would need to be either a co-signer or a collateral payment which was meant basically to be my first 3 months of payments so I would not be starting my payments until the beginning of the new year. I decided to make a go of it on my own so I could rebuild my credit and said I would provide the colateral payment agreed upon at the time of 1000$. Originally I wasn’t going to proceed because there was going to be a time limit that my approval would be good for and I wasnt sure I would be able to get the funds for the payment however my luck turned around (well what I thought was a turn around) and I had the option to refinance my car for the additional funds so I contacted Rachel again to advise her at which point she let me know that would be no problem but we did go over the time limit provided so unfortunately a new credit report would need to be run. I agreed and after she said she had done so I was still eligible but the lender at that time felt due to the high risk situation they would require an additional 1000$ and that I would not have to make payments again till March. I agreed to that total of 2000$ and told her I would have the funds shortly. After a 2 days of going back and forth finally all was settled and I had the payment in hand and contact Rachel yet again for instructions on how to provide the company the funds. She advised that Western Union was the option for payment and she provided me with the "Accounts Receivable" guys name and information so I could submit the funds. I should have known better at that point but when I checked my credit score through *** *** I did see the inquiry made by the Loan company Rachel had stated would be providing me the loan so again against my better judgement I went along with the process and sent the money. At that point Rachel advised me she would be in contact with me when everything was finalized that day and because we had stayed in contact via phone and email I felt confident that things were still ok. The same day I provided the funds I was told I would be contacted and I was jittery so I finally contacted Rachel again at this point to get a status update because the loan funds still hadnt been transfered to me. When I finally reached Rachel she then dropped the bomb that the Loaner was going to need one more payment of 1000$ so feeling defeated and out of options I said I’m sorry and asked for the refund Rachel had explained would be an option if I changed my mind. She advised me that the refund process can take up to 30 days to be completed but that the funds would be returned to me. I waited the 30 days and finally contacted Rachel with my concerns and asked her what was going on. She then gave me at that point a date of October 18th 2018 stating this would be the day in which the funds would be deposited so I said I would wait but I would be calling back that day if I hadn’t received the funds at that point. She assured me they would be provided to me and said not to hesitate to contact her again if any problems came up so I waited. Surprise surprise today is now October 18th 2018 and the funds still weren’t transferred back so I called the number and no surprise the number is disconnected. I feel like an [censored] for believing this woman and I hope that who ever these people are, are caught and put on trial for what they have done to me, not to mention what I am sure has been done to countless people as well.

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