Ga power

Tristan – Sep 29, 2020 Victim Location 31308 Type of a scam Utility Said my electric was going to be turned off due to none payment false, and call was static and not good english

Gate way mini dachshund puppies

Micah – May 06, 2020 Victim Location 34232 Type of a scam Online Purchase Selling puppies they don’t have. Asking you to Zelle the funds directly to them before they ship your puppy via the airlines. Total scam!

Gear Elevation

Calvin – Jan 26, 2021 I i ordered the foot bath. It took about a month to get here (it looked like it would be from here in the states but it came from China). The package was severely damaged. I contacted the company to get a refund. I sent it back with a tracking …

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garage door

Lori – Nov 11, 2020 Victim Location 90066 Type of a scam Home Improvement A recording about getting a free garage door repair estimate. Caller ID says garage door followed by phone number.

Gentle Solace

Dominic – Sep 30, 2020 Victim Location 85212 Total money lost $190 Type of a scam Online Purchase I got an emails from CVS saying I had some free trials. When I chose them, it charge me $5.95 each. Two weeks later I got the free trials (cbd oil and a sleep aid oil) and …

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Gdub Holdings Ltd.

Christina – Sep 21, 2020 Type of a scam Employment Contacted my friend for an administrative assistant job that was work from home and required no experience with a very high salary. There was no interview process. They wanted him to sign a contract and they also wanted his banking information.

Gilded Official

Tonya – Jan 17, 2021 I’m going through the same none sense with this company. Says shes been sick with COVID! Zero communication about the status of my item! Takes my money and I ordered 12/21/2020. She claims items are handmade and they take 4-6weeks to make. NOTE: I DID NOT SEE THAT ON HER …

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Genesis FS Card Services

Kristi – Feb 15, 2021 In order to apply for a credit account a Social Security Number (SS#) is required. This company has the wrong last 4 of my social documented in their system, however I was approved for an account. In order to correct this they are asking for a copy of my Social …

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Global Financial Services

Martha – May 07, 2020 Victim Location 48187 Type of a scam Debt Collections I’ve received over 40 calls from this group in the past week. Not only do they call my cell phone, they call family members and my office phone and threaten they have a lawsuit pending against me. I have no outstanding …

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Glitter heels

Rose – Feb 10, 2021 I ordered my two pairs of heels 11/05/20 and have yet to receive them. I have tried many times to contact her, and at this point, I’m going to drag her on social media. I just want my shoes. Joseph – Dec 30, 2020 I ordered a pair from tiffanies …

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George Snow

Jake – Jan 14, 2021 Wrong person this is George Snow was never there did no job for you Jillian – Mar 05, 2020 Victim Location 28086 Total money lost $3,700 Type of a scam Home Improvement On 3/3/2020 James Thompson Jr the owner of GutterGuys Co. Inc located at 310 N Piedmont Ave in …

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Global Air County

Emily – Jan 24, 2021 We purchased a 10 wk old cocker spaniel puppy from cockerspanielpupshome for $900 then we were asked to pay $1490 to ship her out of state paid that then they wanted $1600 to rent an air conditioned crate cause first one was rejected! I drew the line there realizing there …

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Alexis – Sep 28, 2020 Victim Location 54136 Total money lost $99.99 Type of a scam Online Purchase We purchased a kayak that was never received from their website. When sending concern of not receiving product to their contact email, the email was returned because it was not a legitimate email. There is no phone …

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Global Connect LLC

Clinton – May 06, 2020 Victim Location 07008 Type of a scam Employment They contacted me via (Adobe Creative Portfolio Service) offering me a job as a Graphic Designer. The next day he interviewed me via Google Hangouts (text only) and after the interview he told me that I had been selected to work …

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Grabit Zone

Mandy – Jan 17, 2021 I have alot of debilitating painful disabilites. Was looking forward to seeing if this helped Marisa – Dec 23, 2020 Well basically the same as everyone else. Was really looking forward for this product to try it out. Ashley – Dec 06, 2020 Scammer’s website Scammer’s email [email protected] Country …

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Easy pay escrow llc

Amelia – Victim Location 10036 Type of a scam Investment I started to feel like it was a scam when I hadn’t received training, they found my resume on a website. So I believe it at first, then when I noticed they could deposit and withdraw out of my account is when I started to …

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Eco-Plus Solutions

Jaclyn – Type of a scam Other Phoned to say he was going to send our the toner for our Ricoh photocopy as we thought that he was from our Ricoh supplier as we get them sent out free from our company he stated they were behind in sending our toners to you so he …

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ATT Wireless

Shane – Victim Location 43123 Type of a scam Utility call came in spectrum said att is now working with spectrum to lower my bill, wanted me to pay money now to set up. i said i would call back with credit card. but then i called spectrum and they told me it was a …

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